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Reversible-Tip Cabinet Screwdrivers
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Almost every full sized screwdriver you pick up is characterized by a medium-sized handle of some description, a relatively long shank and finally a shaped tip. This one is different. Made by a Garrett Wade customer who has newly dedicated himself to his passion - woodworking - and who was thoughtful enough to show these to us. We sensed their functional appeal and asked if we could buy some to sell on our website, and he said yes.

The secret of these handsome tools lies in the very long (5-1/2") wood handle. Once you drop it into your palm with the end butted against the heel of your hand. your hand naturally wraps its way around the entire structure. When you grip the handle, the tool quickly becomes a real extension of your arm. This grip is natural and does not require much effort.

The metal barrel is reversible: there's a driver bit at each end. One end takes 1/4" hex bits and the other takes 5/16" hex bits. The supplied driver bits are also double ended, so there are four tips in the one elegant handle: #1 and #2 Phillips paired with 3/16" and 1/4" wide hollow-ground slots. Available in polished Walnut or Cherry wood - your choice. We are naming these Pentland Lothian Drivers at the request of the artisan-maker, in honor of his Scottish heritage. Enjoy them - we certainly do - and support a fellow craftsman.
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