Right Angle Torsion-Box Clamp

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Sale Right Angle Torsion-Box Clamp
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35N07.07 Right Angle Clamp

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35N07.70 Right Angle Clamp (2)

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This is the companion to the Face Frame Clamp . Its design makes it ideal for the classic torsion-box construction - holding a board up to 7/8" thick of any length.

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9 reviews 0 5 4.7
Overall Rating
  • Best tools on the bench

    Forrest Anderson, 7/27/2017 Best tools on my workbench. I bought this set almost 20 years ago when developing a new cadre of woodworking tools. They have outlasted nearly everything else. I am still impressed at the workmanship, the quality steel and the handles, while worn from thousands of hits and hand pushes are in good shape. I will purchase a new set for Christmas for a fellow woodworker. You get what you pay for folks. With Garrett Wade you get the best. Properly stored and maintained, their tools will last to pass on to the next generation. Thank You Garrett Wade.
    Rate & Review Grand Prize $100 Winner July 2017 Rate & Review Grand Prize $100 Winner. Congratulations, Forrest!!
  • The new centerpiece in my tool cabinet

    Brendan Geraghty, 11/18/2016 My neighbour recommended Garrett Wade to me when I told him I was starting woodworking. The chisels were exactly what I was looking for - comfortable to hold, durable and handsome looking. I really love the box. And what a great deal!
  • Boxed Chisels

    Mary, 3/12/2016 These made a great gift. They are handsome, well made and beautifully packaged. I purchased these based on other users reviews. As I gave these as a gift, I haven't yet heard how they perform. Therefore 4 stars. Once I know I believe it will change to a five!
  • So far so good

    John, 3/6/2016 First impression is very good. Chisels appear to be well made and come in a nice box. I haven't used them enough to know how well they hold an edge. I may change my rating to 5 star, time will tell.
  • Chip off the old block in style

    B.C. , 3/3/2016 This is a really great ready to use set. The edges are sharp and they are well made.
    Cut clean mortises and seem to be holding a good edge even when used in red oak wood. the steel hoops will hold up to careful mallet or nylon hammer use.
  • Chisels

    Jim Woodlock, 1/2/2015 This was a gift to a woodworker who I know would appreciate them.

    Marvin Howard, 12/7/2014 I can't believe how beautiful this chisel set is! From the beautifully fitted wooden box, to the Chromium-Manganese steel blades, to the furniture-grade wood handles... these Czechoslovakian-made chisels are a source real pride for this owner! Sharp enough when received to start right to work, they responded well to the very minor honing that I perform on ALL my chisels. I'm looking forward to using these for years, (while also shamelessly showing them off to my woodworking brethren)!
  • Well Chiseled Product

    R B Credo, 10/10/2014 A quality chisel set at an excellent price. I have other chisel sets that can be tapped at the end of the handle, but this set is much better. The diameter of the handle makes them easy to handle, yet solid to tap. The W.G. Four (small) Hammer Set works perfectly! The length and consistent width of the chisel fits very nicely into the honing guide, for a range of chisel tip angles. The quality of the metal maintains a sharp edge, even in harder woods. I may have re-sharpened my older tap chisels for the last time, to be replaced by this set from G. W.
  • Chisel Set

    Paul, 4/14/2010 Good quality set, however not as hard as I wished. Good value overall. Get sharpening guide too - very precise.
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