Rivets and Nuts for the Swivel-Head "Gun"
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We offer assortment packages of both rivets and blind nuts. Each assortment includes commonly used fastener sizes. The kit at the end includes the gun plus the assorted rivets and assorted nuts.

Versatile tool handles multiple situations. Nails, screws and glue are fine for joining pieces of wood, but when you need to join or repair sheet material (like sheet metal or plastics) other methods are called for. One of the easiest is to use blind rivets (often called pop rivets) or blind nuts. This is done by hand, using a special gun which works like a pliers to expand the body of the rivet or nut. Make a hole in the material to be joined, put a rivet or nut in the gun, insert it in the hole and squeeze until you are done.

Blind rivets permanently join two sheets, while blind nuts allow you to add a threaded hole to a thin sheet of material, a usually impossible task. Our Swivel-Head Gun will allow you to install either type of fastener.

This terrific gun has forged handles and machined mechanical parts. It features a uniquely designed head that can swivel in use 360°, so you can install fasteners in any confined or difficult-to-reach area. The advantage of this unique feature cannot be over emphasized.

Complete with noses for 3/32", 1/8", 5/32", and 3/16" shank diameter rivets. Also comes with draw bars for 6-32", 8-32", 10-24", and 1/4" - 20 blind nuts. Considering all the features and its quality of construction, this is an outstanding value. Made in Taiwan.
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