Rotating Combination Multitool

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An innovative and very useful new design.
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69B02.01 Rotating Combination Multitool

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The handles rotate on a common hinge at the head 180 degrees to allow you to either employ the 1-1/8 long shears or (alternatively) the long reach needle nose pliers. In addition, the handle contains a variety of 7 handy accessories: files, knife blades, picks, hooks etc. Overall length is 7-1/2". We like this tool a lot. It's really handy.

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  • Rotating Combination Multitool

    Sidney White, 5/12/2016 Other than being a little stiff to manipulate, the multi tool does all that I need for
    an occasional chore around the house. I can't remember being disappointed with
    a purchase from you--over a lot of years--and you're still on the money.
  • Clever concept but so badly made it defeats function.

    George Robertson , 3/19/2016 This tool represents a good idea gone horribly wrong in the making.
    the one I received was machined so that the wire cutter jaws could not close, there remained a gap of almost 1/32 of an inch when the stops inherent in the design prevented them from getting any closer. The result is cutters that can't cut. I will send it back, and hope they can still find one that works somewhere.
  • If the cutters worked, you could use them to cut this from your product line......

    Dana, 3/11/2016 3/11/2016 I kinda doubted the other bad reviews. Mistake on my part. I wish I could give no stars. The cutter side doesn't close enough to cut. They probably lack 1/16th of an inch from closing. They also aren't the same length, as in, when closed, one jaw of the cutter is 1/16th inch longer than the other. The "hook" to keep the pliers closed doesn't hook when on the cutter side. It does hook on the needle nose side, but, you have to bend it up to get it past the frame. When you do get it hooked, the pliers aren't even closed, lol. Either way, the hook is always getting caught under the poorly fitted wood grips. What kind of pliers come with a hook to keep them closed? Seriously? How convenient the picture in the ad doesn't show a hook? Also, unlike the picture, the pliers I got have 4 brass rivets in each wood grip, for a total of 16 rivets. Also, unlike the picture, the wood grips on the ones I got just end, whereas the ones pictured have a nice metal cap to end them. Did I mention the wood grips fit is horrible? What a horrible piece of crap. Lord, I wish I could post a picture, as these are nothing like those pictured. I will be returning them for a refund.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention. We have forwarded your comments regarding the Rotating Combination Multitool to the proper party so it can be addressed. Please return it for a refund. Again, we apologize for the inconvenience.
  • Great gift for Hobbyist

    Brent Lee, 3/4/2016 Very glad to have found these. Do a lot of small hobby work, will return for more great stuff.
  • Pretty

    Ken, 6/12/2015 Pretty is as pretty does. First time used I discovered that the wire cutters are non-functional. Seems as though the pliers hold off the wire cutters preventing them from closing. You only have one chance at a first impression. I wasn't impressed.
  • Very Useful Gift

    Jorge Gomez, 5/30/2015 Very practical and useful. About 10 different tools in one very attractive pair of nose-pliers.
  • Pleasant Surprise

    Thomas, 10/22/2014 These were a very pleasant surprise, especially the needle nose pliers.
  • Awesome Tool

    Karen, 12/27/2013 Combines many common tools into one easy to carry tool. Only negative is it didn't come with a case to keep it in. The wood handles are beautiful and is well balances.
  • Pocket Tool

    Don, 3/29/2012 This pocket tool is very handy and good to use but quality is okay as so-so.
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