Rubberized Play Toy Sports Car

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Clearance Rubberized Play Toy Sports Car
Fun to assemble, hold, play with - not to mention a lot of fun to look at
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57B01.02 Sports Car

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There's something unexpected about these otherwise familiar toys - that is, they are really well made. The surfaces are "soft" yet firm to the touch. And the parts assemble in an entirely intuitive way. Every part that should move or rotate, does. The end result after a little assembly is a toy that is amazing and amusing, works like the real thing and is endlessly fun to hold, play with and push around. This writer is no kid, but it's honestly hard not to want to appropriate one of these and take it to work to lighten the daily load.

Best for boys and girls 6 and up. Designed and engineered in Germany. Highly recommended. They may seem a bit costly - and they are - but the quality is very high.

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