Rustic Butcher Knife & Two-Handed Cheese Knife

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New Rustic Butcher Knife & Two-Handed Cheese Knife
Vintage French kitchen tools
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02B13.18 Rustic Butcher’s Knife

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02B13.19 Two-Handed Cheese Knife

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These two kitchen knives are decades-old quality tools from France. First up is a handsome broad-bladed 13” long Butcher’s Knife, with a rare Carbon Steel blade and an unfinished beechwood handle. It cuts beautifully, and feels good in the hand. We also found a handsome Two-Handed Cheese Knife, such as might be used to cut through large wheels of hard cheese. It has a Stainless steel blade and a Bubinga handle with brass rivets.

Made in the French region of Thiers, which is well-known for its knife makers. We have relationships with makers there going back years, and recently we were lucky enough to discover a veritable treasure trove of older (never used) high quality knives. Quantities of both are very limited, especially at these prices.

Butcher’s Knife 13” L Overall, Blade 7”
Cheese Knife: 17” L Overall, Blade 8”

To clean, hand-wash only and immediately wipe dry.
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