Schuco Vintage VW Combi Van

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New Schuco Vintage VW Combi Van
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The latest addition to our growing collection of Schuco wind-up racers is a VW Combi Van, in Orange with a Grey top—with a Dunlop Tires ad (in German) on the side. Very cool and retro. Features the standard Schuco windup key, on-off switch, and, of course, the directional adjustment knob, allowing you to send it zooming off in a straight line or a wide circle. They really are terrific fun for all.

Last made 40-50 years ago in Europe, these classic Schuco windup cars have become very popular collectibles. We’ve been keeping our eyes peeled for more and are happy to be able to present a great new assortment of models this year. We can’t get enough of them, and we bet the folks on your list will love them too.

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