Schuco Wind-Up Toy Motorcycle

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Clearance Schuco Wind-Up Toy Motorcycle
Hours of enjoyment with a retro-styled metal racer
Available in very limited quantities
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45B01.23 Schuco Wind-Up Toy Motorcycle

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Turn the winding key on this beautiful little Schuco Charly 1005 Motorcycle, release the lever, and watch it zip around in circles, leaning and skidding through turns like it’s charging around on a pro track. Schuco micro racer toys have been delighting kids of all ages for generations. This motorcycle, with its vintage style, quality metal construction and fast action will definitely take you back. Adjust the lever to choose between oval and circle turns. We get a real kick out of these. Be aware that we have a very limited quantity. If you’ve been waiting to complete your Christmas shopping list, wait no longer.
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