Scrimshaw Carving Kit

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Scrimshaw Carving Kit
Scrimshaw Bone Carving Kit
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58B03.01 Scrimshaw Carving Kit

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Scrimshaw decoration on bone was a nearly sacred story-telling tradition among 18th and 19th century whaling sailors. This is a lovely, tidy carvingtool kit to help you be part of that Melville/Ahab tradition. Each kit comes with a real foldingknife (style may vary with available supply) with bone grips for you to work your creative artistry on - plus all the gear needed to actuallydo the work. Handmade Scrim Scribe, India Ink, Ink Applicator, Carbon Paper, Bamboo Tracing Tool, Fine Steel Wool - together with sample images and step-by-step instructions. This is a lot of fun and highly individual. So don't hesitate to adopt your own creative ideas in what you're doing. For all ages.

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