Set 3 Sm Brass/Rosewood Planes

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Sale Set 3 Sm Brass/Rosewood Planes
Full working tools for small-scale tasks
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Made in India of rosewood and solid brass, these are full working tools, but are used one-handed for small-scale tasks - the kind of work we all have to do from time to time. Every craftsman will want to have these on call for that special job.

Small-scale tools can be very handy for specialized jobs, and these inexpensive, soundly-made planes function well in a variety of applications and materials. As with other planes, you should expect to spend some effort sharpening and honing the blades prior to use.

Set of three includes a block plane, chisel plane, and scraper.

Dimensions: 3" L x 3/4" W

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  • Small Scale Wood Planes

    Ken Wilson, 7/28/2014 Everyone envies the woodworker with lots of planes on display, all in working order! I'm no exception. I have a friend who honors me with miniature tools each birthday; these small planes take some time to get aligned and sharpened; I soon forgot I bought them for display! Great little tools!
  • Pleasantly Surprised

    Michael Reynolds, 4/16/2014 I was specifically looking for planes of this size for some small detail work- and these the fit the bill perfectly. I also have a grandson who is showing some interest in woodworking and I will use these to work him into the hobby when we work on some small projects.
  • Good Enough For The Price

    Shawn, 2/17/2013 Tuning a new plane is normal, and these certainly are no exception. One of the iron caps was machined well out of square, and required a lot of work to true. After a few hours of polishing, grinding, and work, the planes were in serviceable shape. Not great, but expected for the price.
  • Nice Little Planes

    BoxMaker, 8/7/2011 I purchased this exact same set of planes elsewhere and then received these as a gift, so I have doubles now. As with all but the finest planes, they will need to be trued. And honestly, anyone who expects otherwise (especially at this price) is truly naive. After truing and lapping sides and soles to 400grit and honing irons to 2500grit(wet-dry paper), these perform very, very well and are super handy for the small boxes I make. Well worth the time and money invested!
  • Excellent Plane After Some Tuning

    Poppa Dook, 7/8/2011 When received these little planes they needed some work. I took one at a time. I trued the bottoms sharpened the blades all the way to 6000 grit . For me they work like a charm for cleaning small areas on my knife scales. I am a knife maker and I love these planes.
  • Modest Expectations

    Bear, 5/17/2011 I just bought this set with modest expectations. After some work on the blades these miniature tools performed well. I found them entirely too small and light to be any more useful than a bench chisel or mini scraper.
  • Crude But Functional

    Don, 1/12/2011 I purchased this set of mini planes and was pleased that with a little effort I wound up with a wonderful little set of planes.
  • Very Disappointed

    Jose, 1/27/2010 I purchased these planes as soon as I saw them, i figured no more stubbed finger nails in small corners. well what a DISAPPOINTMENT they were, I got them out of the package and quickly found out that they were badly built and needed a lot of truing. The blades were very dull, I really got what i paid for, a unwanted headache. If your not experienced in truing planes then you have several paper weights.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Our testing has indicated that the Small Scale Woodworkers Planes are soundly made and quite functional; however, they do require that the blades be sharpened and honed prior to use (in fact, the same could be said of a Stanley). On average, it took us about 30 minutes to get the three small-scale planes fully functional,  with a keen edge on the blades (we did find a few unevenly ground blades that  required  more effort). As a result,  we've  clarified the product description on the website, and have prepared a technical memo regarding tool prep and blade sharpening that is to be included in future shipments. We appreciate your comments and thank you, as always, for your input.
  • Crude and Unusable

    Boston Luthier, 6/15/2009 I bought these planes in the hopes they could help me clean up little jobs, fine pieces, or even be used for touch up planing on ebony fingerboards. When they arrived, I found these planes crudely constructed - as if hand made by unskilled labor. They would require extensive truing up to be usable -- more trouble than they're worth. At about $12 each, I guess you get what you paid for, but I was still quite disappointed. Returned them immediately.
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