Set Of 3 Diamond Paddle Hones

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05S04.05 Set Of 3 Diamond Paddle Hones

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Not only are these the best tools to use to touch up carbide-tipped router bits, they can be used to great effect on any hard surface that needs just a bit of adjustment. Three grits: 300 (blue), 600 (yellow) and 1200 (red) for a full range of capabilities. The set of three gives you the best value.

Made in China.

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  • Router Bit Touch Ups

    Clay Agent, 9/27/2015 These come in very handy to tune up router bits before they get to dull and mess up the project you are working on.
  • Handy Sharpeners

    William Weathersby, 4/5/2015 These handy hones are great next to my wood lathe to do quick touch up on my tools. A few strokes and you have replaced the edge on a scraper or gouge.
  • Diamond Paddle Hones

    Lee Hockman, 2/12/2014 Being snowed in for a few days, rare here, I decided to Tune up a few pocket knives with my new Garrett Wade diamond paddle hones, and was finished in less than 30 minutes. The only thing I would change is to mark each paddle with the grit to make them easier to spot...which I did with a sharpie to mine. One of the knives was the one my dad gave me as a Cub Scout over 50 years ago, and now it is as sharp or sharper than when I got it. The other two were brand new and tuned up quickly. One of them was a tourist" pocket knife from Mt. Rushmore that I bought because it has a wooden handle with my name on it and i didn't think it would be all that good, but after going thru the three grits with these hones, it is scary sharp. The other one was the free knife I got from Garrett Wade with this order and that has now become my "daily drive" knife that stays with me all day. Thanks again; couldn't be happier. "
  • Excellent Product

    Ted, 3/2/2013 These diamond paddle hones are high quality. The handles are thicker and heavier duty compared to the other brands on the market. I used them immediately upon arrival and they work perfect for deburring various metals. Garrett Wade has an absolutely unbeatable price on these! I paid more money for a single paddle hone from another manufacturer than I did for the set of 3 I got from Garrett Wade! On top of that the Garrett Wade set was a much higher quality set! I'll be picking up another set soon! Keep up the good work!
  • Product Review

    Clint, 3/4/2011 Just received the product have not used it. I just wish the paddles were marked with the grit size. Does anyone know the grit size for each color of paddle?
  • Hone Grit Not Indicated

    John Walker, 3/3/2011 There are no marking on the handles to indicate the grit of the hone. I do not know which one is fine, which one is medium, or which one is course! I cannot tell by eye-balling the surface of the hone.
  • Good product

    Jim, 1/2/2011 So far so good - these sharpeners are light, convenient to store, and give a range of sharpening function to cover almost any eventuality in the field. They do a quick job of putting an edge on when touchup is needed.
  • Excellent Sharpener

    Lee Bancroft, 9/14/2009 I've used the set I purchased for over a year extensively, sharpening high quality stainless steel knives, and they've held up quite well. The 1200, 600, and 300 grit offered with these paddles is finer than some others marketed elsewhere, and seems, in my opinion, better for fine work. I had only one problem: one of the grit pads came unglued. This was repaired in less than five minutes with instant setting glue, and I've had no further problems. Were it not for that incident, I'd give the product five stars!!
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