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Set of 4 Rosewood Butt Chisels
$ 123.4
Small chisels that fit comfortably in the palm are ideal for delicat paring and very precise hand cutting. Our Set of 4 Rosewood Butt Chisels excel at cutting and cleaning the joints used in furniture making, as well as mortising for hardware in cabinetry, and are carried in the tool belts of boat builders and trim carpenters everywhere. The overall length of the chisels is 6”, with a 3-1/2” wide, taper ground, hardened, tempered and polished blade, and a 2-1/2” oval-shaped Rosewood handle and solid brass ferrule.

The Rosewood Butt Chisels, made in Sheffield, England, demonstrate traditional, fine tool making performed in an elegant, refined style. We fell in love the moment we first held one in our hand, and we highly recommend them to you.
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