Set Of 4 Stainless Spatulas

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Set Of 4 Stainless Spatulas
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39N07.01 Set Of 4 Stainless Spatulas

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These four double-ended stainless steel Spatulas are made for wax modeling - but they are also tremendously useful for woodworkers with tough gluing and filling problems. The tips can be sharpened to be very flexible so they can be used to "slice" glue into narrow openings. You may only use these occasionally, but they are indispensible.

Made In India.

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  • Small spatulas

    Kevin McArdle, 9/4/2016 I build craftsman models, and model train scenery, and these are perfect blades for shaping and sculpting
  • Set Of 4 Stainless Spatulas

    Kenneth Hadley, 8/26/2016 Set works well to measure our small portions of non flammable powder. Have been using them on a daily basis. Well Crafted and functional. Thanks.
  • well made and highly useful

    Tom, 2/12/2011 I used these for a gluing job soon after I got them and they clean up quickly and completely with a swipe of a rag. For repair work, they get the glue down into cracks without having to break whatever you're gluing, and running the risk of not properly aligning the pieces.
  • Mix that paint

    Wally, 12/9/2010 Fine instruments for the painter in the family. Very useful in mixing/combining colors. They clean-up quickly and completely. They are also useful for spanking those pesky insects buzzing about the old hat rack.
  • Small Spatula Set

    Jay Stone, 6/2/2009 The small spatula set is perfect for creating molds. I create props for films and I must make molds of all sorts of products for casting. This little spatula set is perfect for working the clay to create a clean parting line for the molds.
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