Set of Three Special Kitchen Peelers

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New Set of Three Special Kitchen Peelers
Special tools for a variety of tasks
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02B13.30 Set of Three Special Kitchen Peelers

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This is a very straightforward and well-made set of lightweight, handheld kitchen peelers. The standard Vegetable Peeler glides smoothly and makes quick work of carrots, cucumbers, potatoes, etc. The Tomato Peeler’s serrated blade bites cleanly into smooth, delicate skins like tomatoes. The Julienne Peeler’s rake-style teeth will cut beautiful, even strips for quick salads, stir frys, or even vegetable pastas (such as from zucchini) easily. All three peelers feature a small triangular side blade for gouging out blemishes such as potato eyes. As a set of “specialist” tools they are a great value. We love them.
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