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Just as tough as they look
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Some folks might think these screwdrivers are a little crude. We say they're tough-with virtually indestructible plastic handles, blades with hardened tips, and hex shaped shanks for applying wrenches. As a particular plus, the steel shafts extend all the way through the handle to a steel cap on the end, so you can hammer on these with confidence. There are 3 Phillips tips and 4 slot tips in the set of seven.

We love these screwdrivers because they look like exactly what they are: rugged, utilitarian tools at a very good price. If you need another set for the trunk of your car or weekend home, get two sets and save. Made in China.

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  • NIce

    Shane McPherson, 1/16/2017 My Father in law has had a set of these for 30 years. Jealous and had to have a set of my own. Great handles and the shafts are designed to be used with wrenches for added torque! So glad to finally have a set of my own!
  • A serious set of screwdrivers

    Ron, 1/2/2017 These are large screwdrivers and really good for people who use them for everything besides driving screws; such as pry bars, chisels...handles have a great grip and the length provides a lot of torque for tough screws
  • Solid but too big to use frequently

    Jennifer, 5/31/2016 These were much bigger than I expected (nothing in the picture to indicate scale). They definitely feel sturdy and I like that you can hammer on them but I'm not sure they'll get much use around the house due to their size.
  • High torque set

    Gene Markel, 3/12/2016 They perform as expected. The handles provide good grip and the hex with a box end wrench supply the extra torque to loosen and tighten screws.
  • Nice screwdriver set.

    Joe M. Eldridge, 3/5/2016 Have not used all of them yet. Appear to be solid and well constructed.
    Gave a set to a friend.
  • Screwdriver Set

    Bruce, 7/13/2015 They work Great!! However, a friend hit one with a hammer and the handle shattered.
  • Solid Screwdrivers

    Frank Morganti, 12/13/2014 The picture and description of these screwdrivers made me think they were a good value. When they arrived, I was very happy. These screwdrivers are good and hefty, the handles are solid and the tips of the screwdrivers seem very sturdy and tough. When I put them to use I was not disappointed. They are an excellent value.
  • Mighty Tools

    Mara, 3/7/2014 If u wanted prybar this is it. To big, to long and not strong handle. Broke with one gently shot of hammer.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you for your review of the Seven Screwdriver Set. It seems like you may have received a defective set. Please feel free to exchange them for another set. We apologize for the inconvenience.
  • Poorly Thought-Out Set

    Trickdog, 1/22/2014 Blade screwdrivers are nearly all the same size and the blades are too thick for common screws. The largest one might make a good pry bar. Phillips, ditto. And the handles are round, so they will roll off your bench, guaranteed. Not recommended.
  • Screwdrivers

    G.A., 11/17/2013 Good tips, nice handles but the shafts are to long in length for me.
  • Tough! Tough! Tough!

    JayD, 3/8/2011 I was looking for a replacement set of screwdrivers because I lost a couple of my favorite go through" Protech screwdrivers. The Protechs are a little better than these but I can't find them anywhere. Don't let the fact that these are made in China fool you. These are tougher than any of my Snap-on screwdrivers because you can whack on these as much as you like with a hammer. You won't break these."
  • large drivers

    russ, 12/28/2010 These were much larger than I expected. They are at the very large end of the screw scale. They are very sturdy and offer an excellent grip. But I seldom see screws large this large.
  • Great screwdrivers

    W. Better, 12/14/2010 I bought these screwdrivers on a whim and am very pleased. The screwdrivers are very tough, have hardened tips/blades and the hex shaped shafts are an added plus as are the uniquely shaped handles. Great product and an excellent value.
  • Tough & Uglies

    Mica, 4/17/2010 These are just as advertised--a good set of curious-looking" screwdrivers. I bought a set and liked them so much I bought a set for my dad. As a hobby he repairs lawnmowers and snowthrowers, and he likes that he can strike these hard enough to break loose rusted and frozen screws on old equipment. (One note, the resin for the handles isn't terribly pure, so there are little flecks of black suspended in the orange. This was present in both sets I bought. Doesn't seem to affect durability at all, but if you are super particular about how your tools look, do know that this may likely be present in your set, too.) Over all, excellent tool for the price."
  • Very functional

    George, 11/23/2009 We use and abuse these screwdrivers. They get used as chisels and prybars. Doesn't seem to bother them. I've removed some tore up philips screws with these that my other screwdrivers were just making worse...
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