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Shaped Scraper Sets
This is one very fine new idea. Made in Sheffield, England, here are 10 Convex and 10 Concave scraping shapes from a precise diameter of 1/4" to 1/-1/2". Finish scraping is the very best way to finish off detail shapes on furniture, as sanding (even with very fine papers) can easily destroy detail and line.Beads and coves always dress up an edge, and now you have a way to efficiently finish up the job after your final pass with a router or shaper. These are highly recommended for fine furniture work or in the preparation of wall wainscoting. Four scrapers in total.

The professional solid carbide burnisher, which is used for turning a burr on the scrapers to make them more effective, has both a smooth-ground round section and a second, more aggressive, burnishing section. It comes with a synthetic leather sheath.

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