Shoe Shine Support

Shoe Shine Support
Eliminates any risk of shoe polish ending up where it shouldn't
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24B01.01 Shoe Shine Support

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When several of us at Garrett Wade were boys, we can remember our fathers shining their shoes with the shoe mounted on an adjustable support, attached to the wall at mid-body height.

But after we grew up and moved away, we never saw it again and were forced to shine our shoes standing at a table or sitting on the floor. To our utter amazement, this simple device has come back into our lives. Just screw the wall bracket firmly to a wall, slid the shoe holder onto the bracket, slip your shoe on the holder and adjust it to be tight, and begin. When finished, simply slide the holder off the bracket and put it in a drawer until the next time. It’s that simple.

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  • Entry Level Shoe Holder

    Louie, 6/20/2015 For a entry level shoe holder this one is OK. Their are others on the market for more money. It seem to me from only trying it twice your shoe moves when applying force when shinning, not a lot but some. I thought that the shoe would be stable and not more. Maybe by using this more I will figure out how not to have the shoe move. Very good product for the money.
  • Easy to use

    Pete, 11/15/2012 I have no problem at all like the other reviewer. If the toe pieces are properly attached and the shoe tightened down,there is no slipping. This item makes shining shoes very easy and mess free. I was glad to have found this.
  • Not a Shoe-In

    James Spina, 10/22/2012 The two attachable toe pieces are extremely finicky and slip off way to easy. I use it and like it but curse it every time the toe part detaches. Useless for boots.
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