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Flip Calendar Wall Clock
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Flip Calendar Wall Clock

Ideal for Shop, Kitchen or Office
Exceptionally satisfying
3.5  ( 2 Customer Reviews )

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79A01.01 Flip Wall Clock
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The rotating analog hour and minute arms tell you the time. But thatís only the beginning. The 12-1/2" x 12-1/2" face tells you what month it is, the day of the month, the day of the week (shows green on Saturday and red on Sunday), whether it is AM or PM, and (hopefully you donít need this help) what year it is. All readings change automatically, except for the year.

The month, day of the month, and the day of the week (AM or PM) are displayed using mechanical rotating flip cards (like the old rail station departure status signs used to use). It's fascinating to watch them work. We predict that no one you know will have one of these.

Requires three batteries: one AA for the clock and two AA (or C) for the date mechanism. (It comes with a handy adapter to allow using 2 AA batteries in lieu of the C cells.)

Customers Ratings and Reviews
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Overall Rating :3.5 
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4  - 
Works For Me...
Reviewed By:   (Hartford, CT) 
I received this as a gift. I was looking for something to give me day, date, month and time. This did it, and oh yea the year.
The Good: Nice big crisp letters and numbers. Battery Converter- I have used these before, they work and it is nice to use batteries that I recharge instead of using a battery type i do not have a recharger. Working for 2+months so far.
The Bad: Directions are terrible, read slow and reread. However I finally figured out how literal the instructions are written. Clock noise as the noon, or midnight approach and the flip for am pm is going to occur the clock makes two loud gear clicks. This one bugs me some, but not terrible.
Overall 4 stars because it does what I need see everything at once at a fairly long distance. Could there be improvements, yup. For the price, it is a bit high...

3  - 
Quality Fair Instructions, Horrible
Reviewed By:   (Alexandria, Virginia) 
Although the clock displays the year, it does not flip. You can't tell this from the photo and the description is vague enough to mislead. The year is manually changed by unplugging the individual numbers and replacing them from the stash of numbers stored behind the year display panel. The instructions are (mis-)translated from comm. Chinese and are extremely confusing. There's no indication this clock will automatically update for daylight savings time. To find out if it does I'll have to run it until the next time change. The description fails to mention 3 batteries are needed. One AA for the clock, and 2 C cells for the mechanical flip charts. It does come with an adapter to allow using 2 AA batteries in lieu of C cells. I've never seen this before. According to the (lousy) instructions, there is a convoluted process involved in adjusting the clock's flip charts to match the time and to account for leap years. This clock looks reasonably good and has the features I need to keep track of days, dates, and times during my retirement years when I have no regularly scheduled events, like work, to mark the passage of time. It is definitely overpriced, it should be about $75 at most. I'll keep it for a while and hope I can tolerate its idiosyncrasies. If not, back it goes and I'll wait for a different manufacturer to build a better version.

Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
Thank you for your comments on the Flip Wall Clock. We are sorry that it was not as expected. We are taking your suggestion into consideration. We apologize for the inconvenience

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