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This handsome watch with a 2" face can be carried in your pocket, but the fact that the leather pouch has a loop on the back for your belt makes it even handier, and safe from both vibration from power tools and the dirt and dust of the work site or shop. Quartz movement. Save 30

Made In China.

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Overall Rating
  • Shop Pocket Watch

    Lynwood Jackson, 9/9/2016 The watch is a beautiful pocket watch but would not set properly and you could not wind it to make it run. Very disappointed that it would not work right.
  • very dissappointed

    Chuck, 7/8/2016 I was hoping for a great watch here. This is a great dissappointment. The pouch is very cheaply made, especially the sewing on it...looks like the threads will break very quickly with any use. The strap is also very cheap and will not stand up I am sure. As for the watch itself I can't tell how accurate it is at keeping time. It looks nice enough but I need a good timepiece that is reliable. Considering returning it after I check the time keeping.
  • Shop Pocket Watch

    Kyle, 6/3/2016 This isn't a bad pocket watch. I agree with some of the other reviewers as to the quality of the watch, but I bought it specifically for work and rooting around in the woods. I like that I can clip it on my belt to keep my hands free. It is kind of a hassle getting the watch out of the case while clipped to your belt, but that will fix itself once the leather case gets broken in.

    If you're just looking for a nice little pocket watch that you want to use for working or being in the outdoors, this guy is perfect.

  • Retro

    Ralph Bowman, MD, 3/12/2016 Have used my first when I build theater sets and with a vest. Gets some positive comments as a nice retro touch. Bought a second one as a gift for a friend.
  • Pocket watch use

    Tim morford, 2/28/2016 I have one of these watches that I carry all the time. I am satisfied with it, and am looking to buy another soon. A good watch.
  • Save Your Money

    Steve, 9/11/2015 This is my third pocket watch (slow learner). The stem used to set the time is very fragile. My third (and last one) the stem won't seat and time changes while in watch pocket of my jeans. Love pocket watches, but will pass on these from now on. Only item ever ordered not happy with.
  • Watch

    James, 1/20/2015 Watch is ok. However the stem pulls up with out much effort. If you are not careful when removing the watch from it's case you can pull the stem and move the hands. Other than that annoying problem it's not a bad watch.
  • Pocket Watch with Case

    Bill, 1/13/2015 Great watch, received as a gift and wasn't disappointed.
  • Garbage

    James McTamaney, 4/19/2014 I bought this item a year ago and it waited for me to have time to work outside. This year I have used it as a belt-mounted watch, allowing me to keep my hands free. After about a week of such use, I pulled the watch out of the holder and the crown fell apart into several pieces. The more I tried to put it back together, the more it looked like the product of a fake Rolex bought in Times Square. Folks, this is a piece of junk. Save yourself the 70 bucks and buy a Timex.
  • Pocket Watch

    Craig Yanek, 1/26/2014 I was impressed with the high quality case and pouch of the watch. The lanyard came loose of the clasp right out of the package, but was remedied quickly with some 5-min epoxy. Also the hole in the case that accommodates the clip was too small to clip to, so I used a diamond bit to enlarge it and it solved the problem.
  • Good Quality

    Rita, 12/19/2013 I loved the quality of the watch and carrying belt case. I will be proud to give this as a gift for a brother in law that needs some new flare. If he doesn't like it, I will take it for myself. In addition I wanted to compliment you on your catalog. I have recently been disabled and in- store shopping is next to impossible for me. I use many of the catalogs and web sites to make my choices, especially at Christmas. The catalog was appealing to read through and easy to find the answers to the questions that pop into your head as you browse each page. Having looked at so many since October, it was a pleasure to learn more about your products. Thanks for the extra effort to make a grueling job better.
  • Love the Watch

    Dan, 10/20/2013 Keeps excellent time and comes in a nice pouch. The lanyard leaves something to be desired. Overall Very Good!
  • Very Poorly Made

    Dissapointed Customer, 9/23/2013 I ordered this watch for my husband. It looks real good but the reason I ordered it was because it was a pocket watch, what is the good with a pocket watch if the lanyard won't stay on the watch. I can make one that will but should I have to after buying it. Either tell China to do a better job or drop it item!!!
  • Night Visibility

    William Dougherty, 2/15/2013 I just received your watch as a birthday gift. My only complaint thus far is that, while the hour numerals are marked with illuminating dots for night visibility, the black hand tips are not. The watch is useless at night.
  • Watch Unleashed

    Joel, 12/9/2011 Very nice woven leather security strap and leather holding case. After a couple days the holder on the watch fell off and I found the watch unleashed". Decided not to send the watch back because of the hassles with "shipping" and time wasted. Not sure if the replacement watch would also not break.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    We are sorry to hear about the watch you received. It is quite possible it was defective. If you'd like, we can send you a return label which you can affix to the box and drop in the nearest mailbox. We can either issue you a refund or a replacement.

    Should you wish a replacement, we can have someone from quality control inspect the replacement to make sure this problem doesn't happen again.

    Again, we are very sorry for the inconvenience. 
  • OK but Not Great

    Matt, 11/10/2011 I received this watch last Christmas as I needed a time piece that wasn't a wristwatch since I work outdoors. Judging from the previous reviews I decided to remove the lanyard, as it's connection point to the clasp was obviously too weak to hold. I carried it on my belt for months and it has only lost 2 minutes over the last year. I noticed the crystal was becoming scratched from pulling it in and out of the case, and the ring at the top went missing. I have since retired it to workshop use. It is still functioning fine and I haven't yet needed to replace the battery. The case has stood up to constant use as well. It is ok for light use, but it wouldn't stand up to constant outdoor use.
  • Pocket Watch

    Michael, 10/16/2011 Good solid attractive watch.
  • Husband Loves It

    Teri Bennett, 2/20/2011 Gave this to my husband for his birthday, and he loves it. Worked wonderfully right out of the box. We may have to get one for his brother who works construction and has had trouble keeping a pocketwatch clean.
  • Work Watch

    Mike F., 1/2/2011 This pocket watch keeps perfect time and keeps my wristwatch from scratching my work. It is a very good addition to my work clothes when building home projects.
  • Junk Watch

    TB, 12/30/2009 This watch was of very poor quality. When I received it, it would not run. The case is very cheaply made as well. Please look elsewhere for a pocket watch; I sure did.
  • Good Watch

    Phil H., 12/28/2009 This a good watch for the money and I like the way it looks and keeps time. The leather case is attractive and seems sturdy enough. However, the lanyard that is supplied, while it is initially attractive, is absolutely terrible quality. Flimsy is an understatement as it is pretty much worthless with no strength to get you past the door of your shop...the slightest snag detaches it from the the clasp revealing an incredibly cheap of metal work not at all intended for its purpose...not what I expect from Garrett Wade.
  • Pocket Watch

    Don Vire, 11/10/2009 I was vary disappointed with watch, it does not keep accurate time, I changed the battery and it still runs slow. The leather watch cord came apart at the end near the watch. I expected better quality from Garrett Wade.
  • Cheap Lanyard

    Mike, 10/21/2009 Nice watch, keeps excellent time. The pouch is nice too, but the leather lanyard that comes with the watch is as cheap as it comes. I wouldn't trust it to support the watch if it were to fall from my pocket. I trashed the lanyard and kept the watch and pouch.
  • Useful Shop & Work Watch

    Sam, 7/8/2009 I've had this watch for 3 years or so, just replaced the battery (battery #SR626SW - customer service kindly furnished me with this info as I lost the battery on my way to the corner store). It's been a solid work watch. The hacking movement (second hand stops when setting) on my watch (I'm assuming new production is the same.) is a Japanese Miyota, which is a standard quartz movement in many watches. So this one is not all Chinese ;) The 52mm case is solid and functional. I've banged mine around a bit and it's holding up great. The case back is a firm and secure snap back, so not likely to appreciate a lot of water - a few drops, fine, but no submersion. The leather case is of nice quality and doesn't look cheap. It's nice to hang the watch on your belt. I don't use the leather strap, the clip kept coming detached but probably not a problem if you're nicer to it than I am. The dial is easy to read. It does have luminous dots at the hours but no lume on the hands. I enjoy having a pocket watch in the shop. It's easy to read and time yourself as you cut those dovetails, if you're so inclined. Hang it by your bench and you'll know how long it is to lunch time. And then you don't have to worry about scratching one of your fancy mechanical watches. Overall, if you're looking for a pocket watch that you're not afraid to carry around, then this watch has a nice solid feel and performance. The case and strap are an added bonus.
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