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Useful everywhere - house, shop or garden
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11G12.06 Shop Scissors

Available 04/10/2017


With very large, comfortable finger rings and 2" long aggressively shaped curved blades, this will cut everything from metal cans to flat sheet goods, to vegetable stalks to paper. We really like this tool and you will too. It does the job asked and is a great value for the function to boot.

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Overall Rating
  • Businesslike

    Dewain Delp, 10/6/2014 When I buy from Garrett Wade I expect to be impressed. This one surprised me. It is almost intimidating in it's effectiveness, it is beautiful. Prettier than the picture.
  • Super Scissors

    James R. Love, 7/14/2014 These are the absolute best for working in the yard. They cut through branches and bamboo. The hand guards are somewhat big for my hand so I have to wear a glove when using them,however that does not detract from their usefulness. That is why I purchased two more to go with my original purchase - do not want to not have one available.
  • Universal Shop Scissors

    Elizabeth Dyer, 12/19/2011 Sharp, perfectly aligned blades that give excellent cutting control and full size hand grips that allow comfort even to men with large hands. There is not much you couldn't cut with these.
  • Mixed Review

    Loretta, 11/19/2010 I rate these as ok" for garden work. The handles are indeed very large--too large for my (female) hands. However, I appreciate their size when wearing leather gloves. I find they cut woody stems more effectively than soft stems. Well made."
  • Most Excellent Scissors

    Ninny L, 2/11/2010 I was fearful that this pair of scissors would not be comfortable to use but, au contraire, they fit my hand very nicely and have cut everything I've needed them to cut so far at least.
  • Favorites

    Cindy, 12/11/2009 For years I've used a similar version of these kind of pruners doing outdoor work each day on the grounds at the University of South Dakota. To my surprise, these were somewhat larger. The smaller are convenient as they slide right in my back pocket (these kind of fit) and I keep them with me all day. These seem to be made with exceptional quality. The bolt" that connects them is one with a notch that can be tightened should they ever loosen. Scissors is not a good word for these because they cut through 1/2 to 3/4 inch branches, small wire and have abundant uses. My favorite feature over pruners is these don't have the lock which, in my experience, will constantly close as one is using pruners. The handle is more for a man's hand or for me I will need to have a glove on. I need to have more time with them but in general feel they are a solid quality product. I liked my smaller pair so much at work that when I saw these I thought I'd get some for at home."
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