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The machete is a simple brush clearing tool of mythic fame. Rugged, tough, and effective, it is used all over the world. Our Machete is 24" in length and has a sturdy hardwood handle. The 18" blade is 1/16" thick and made of mild carbon steel for great cutting power. This is an inexpensive solution for all sorts of jobs. We suggest you get several for the next work party you put together in your fields, woodlot or along the trail.

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  • Great price

    C. E. Voigtsberger, 9/12/2016 At $5.00 this item is a steal. The blade can be sharpened and will take a nice edge eventually after some work. The handle can be trimmed down with a wood rasp and then it fits my hand quite nicely. I ordered and paid for separately the sheath pictured but apparently not enclosed. It too is quite cheap and with the machete blade in the condition it is shipped, it is not likely to cut through the sheath. Once sharpened, the chances of cutting through the sheath are quite good, I think. I will probably reinforce the side of the sheath where the cutting edge goes with staples so that it won't cut through so easily. This isn't the best machete in the world, but look at the price. You are getting 22 inches of spring steel that can be sharpened to a good edge for only $5.00. Try buying just a piece of spring steel for that price anywhere.
  • You get what you pay for...

    Mark Schafer, 5/8/2016 This machete is about what you would expect for $5.00, somewhat roughly finished handles and blade. The picture shows a sheath, although the text for the item does not mention one - I did not receive a sheath with mine. For $5.00, I can't really complain. I can make a sheath and sharpen the blade.
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