Small Parts Control Kit(4Pcs)

Clearance Small Parts Control Kit(4Pcs)
No more time spent chasing small parts
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79B01.01 Small Parts Control Kit(4Pcs)

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Keeping track of small fittings, nuts, screws and bolts as you work at your bench is a universal struggle. Here's a real solution at reasonable cost.

The kit comes with two magnetic holders - a magnetic wristband (keep it away from your watch) and a magnetic belt clip to hold small parts and tools nearby for easy access. Plus there are two 20" Flex pick up tools for retrieving items from hard-to-reach places. The Magnetic Pick-Up's 1/4" tip is terrific for steel and iron parts. The Flexible 4-Claw Pick-Up is perfect for non-ferrous parts (plastic, brass, aluminum etc.). Taiwan.

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  • Stop using a piece of chewing gum

    David Mesirow, 7/4/2013 Ever lose a screw, bolt, nut, light bulb behind a lathe and plaster wall or a plaster board that was just out of reach of your hand? You reach for a pencil and take some chewed gum attached to the eraser head and try to fish it out and it never works out right. These are the devices that are perfect: easy to operate, versatile, almost indispensable!
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