Solar Powered Kit Models

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Solar Powered Kit Models
Engineering Made Fun
Great for Educators & Curious Kids
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40S01.01 Solar Windmill Kit

Available 10/02/2017


40S01.02 Nightlight Lighthouse Kit

Available 10/02/2017


The 8-1/2" Solar Windmill and the 11" Nightlight Lighthouse (uses LED's) are well-designed, durable and handsome Kits that are fun and easy to build, all the while providing real lessons in both engineering and solar energy. For kids, educators and hobbyists alike, offering enduring charm along with solid educational value. Precision laser-cut plywood parts, motors, gears, lamps, spare parts, polycrystalline solar cells and electrical wiring included. With complete, easy to follow English/French instructions. Made in France by a leading science educator.
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