Solid Beechwood Carpenters’ Mallets

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Sale Solid Beechwood Carpenters’ Mallets
Very useful to almost everyone – at home or in the workshop
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83R02.03 3-1/2" Beechwood Mallet

Available 06/01/2017


83R02.02 4-1/2" Beechwood Mallet

Available 06/01/2017


83R02.20 Both Mallets

Available 06/01/2017

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A sturdy pair of traditional beechwood English mallets, weighing 12 oz. and 19 oz. respectively. Taper assembled, they can be easily knocked apart for storage or transport. Used for generations by furniture makers and carpenters for driving chisels or for final fitting of parts. A very simple design that has stood the test of time.

Although nominally a woodshop tool, they have great utility throughout the home: for example, while assembling knock down furniture, or forcefully ‘encouraging’ any two surfaces to align. We’ve used them to drive in alignment shafts on our automotive projects, and to free up seized parts when a steel hammer would cause damage.

Very highly recommended as tools all around the house and shop.

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