Solid Brass Pincushion

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Sale Solid Brass Pincushion
Made Exclusively for Garrett Wade
Cast in brass for extra heft – with an elegant Italian shirting fabric for the cushion
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63T06.01 Brass Pincushion

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Our 3" diameter cast brass Pincushion has a form and feel both solid and graceful. The border where the cast brass metal meets the fabric is clean and smooth, and the dimpled base adds a touch of traction to work surfaces. We pair it with a handsome Italian shirting fabric for the cushion. Hold it in your hand and you will immediately notice the satisfying heft, which helps to keep it from moving when pins are inserted or removed. It can also be very useful in holding materials in place during layout.

The tools we return to again and again have a blend of function and design that elevate them above the mundane. This perfectly describes our Pincushion – simple, useful, and nearly unnoticeable, except when you use it.

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Overall Rating
  • Brass pin cushion.

    R G Holcomb, 7/31/2017 Nice look and feel. Had unnecessary large sticker on bottom - in removing, the finish on the product was affected.
  • Beautiful for a gift

    Russ & Debi Lee, 4/27/2017 Glad we purchased 2 of them sight unseen. They totally exceeded our expectations for finish and weight.
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