Solid Carbide Hone (One Sided)

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Sale Solid Carbide Hone (One Sided)
Works very fast - even on axes
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02N04.01 Solid Carbide Hone (One Sided)

Available 07/10/2017

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This is a most modest looking tool. But never has it been so easy to underrate something. Simply turn the carbide a few degrees so that its edge is pressing on the steel edge you want to sharpen (plane blade, chisel, pocket or kitchen knife - even an axe). Stroke the carbide across the cutting edge using modest pressure. You will feel it honing (removing steel) and producing a sharp edge immediately. It's amazing.

The piece of 1-3/16" long, super-hard carbide is held in a 6-1/4" long aluminum frame that fits right in your hand.

Greater pressure obviously produces even faster results. In fact, it hones so fast you have to be careful not to press too hard. Use the flat, smooth side of the carbide as a super-hard burnisher to remove wire edges on chisels and plane blades. We were all very impressed.

Comes with a protective synthetic leather sheath. Made In France.
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