Solid Steel Thru-Shank Chisel Set

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Clearance Solid Steel Thru-Shank Chisel Set
The strongest & toughest chisels
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The secret of this design is that the steel shank goes all the way through the handle (with only a tiny resin filled gap to allow some shock absorption) butting firmly against the steel striking cap on the end. Thus, the full force of any blow is transmitted to the cutting edge and loss of impact is minimized because the chisel is as stiff as it can be made to be. This also makes the chisel a bit "handle-heavy" and gives it a wonderful special balance.

These new Garrett Wade chisels have been made this way to our specifications and are exceptional new tools, not available to woodworkers anywhere for many decades.The steel is high-carbon tool steel hardened to Rc 58-60. The handles are specially designed super-tough plastic with rubberized grip on all sides for security and comfort. The steel end cap can be struck as hard as you want to and the full force of your effort will go straight to the cutting edge - requiring less effort on your part and producing less tiring and more efficient work. This is a huge benefit.

The Set of Six comprises the 1/4, 3/8, 1/2, 5/8, 3/4, and 1" sizes. Edge guards are standard. These are the best of the best - and at less than $12 each are an exceptional value for the working benefits and function.

The USA-made Denim Tool Roll is the perfect home for these new tools.

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Overall Rating
  • Thru-Shank Chisel Setr

    Timothy, 8/28/2016 I just received this chisel set, in time to be used on a project and than I had to put them aside and get one of my older chisels. I was not aware that they needed to be sharpened when they arrived. All 6 were extremely dull and it will take some time for me to sharpen. They would make excellent demolition chisels though with their thru-shank.
  • Defective?

    R, 8/19/2016 Will return the item. As I began chiseling the top cap fell off the butt of the chisel then the grey label that says garrett wade. once the cap slipped off it was game-over because then the steel shaft that runs through also slipped out. The "end to end" steel is made in three pieces, so im not sure if all the structural integrity is there as they lead you on to believe when they tell you the steel feature goes end to end.
  • Hollow handle

    Martin, 3/29/2016 Asitris is correct. They are not full thru chisels and the end caps will fall off along with the piece that is supposed to be part of the actual chisel leaving you with a hollow handle not to mention many of the pieces of the 'full tang' don't go all the way through and a few don't even match up with the chisel. I fixed mine by cutting new round stock just slightly longer than the junk inside the handle then glued the end caps back in place, but I really shouldn't have had to go through the bother.
    The chisel blades are fine with no problems, but the thru part is misleading. It's a hollow handle with a chunk of steel splapped in there.
  • Good Job

    Philip Procaccini, 4/21/2015 Nice feel, and weight.
  • Tools

    Shane Richison, 1/28/2014 These chisels are pretty good for the money they cost,seems there are a lot more expensive ones on the market!
  • Well crafted

    Ralph, 1/28/2014 Very nice set. Well crafted.
  • Not Bad But Expected Better

    Marco, 1/7/2014
  • Rugged

    Chuck Alverson, 8/28/2013 Excellent product, rugged and useful, highly recommend for heavy accurate use.
  • Feel good but with some issues

    Mike R, 3/20/2013
  • N.G.

    Francisco Lara, 2/25/2011 Very bad craftsmanship,if Garret Wade don't care what they sale,this is first and last time I'll buy from them. Frank
  • Right Tool

    Steve, 1/18/2011 Right tool, right price. Some might like it harder but I sharpen my tools and any harder would make that more difficult.
  • Substantial Tool

    Mary Hanan, 12/28/2010 Couldn't do better than these chisels. They are heavy, substantial tools with heavy guage steel. Looks like they will last a lifetime and more.
  • Garett Wade Chisel Set

    mike towle, 12/16/2010 The chisel set is an extremely nice set of chisels. They are sharp right out of the container (Blister pack with blade guards) with just a little bit of stropping needed to put the final finish on the set.The entire set comes with thru shanks which are needed when striking with a hammer. The roll is handy,but could use 2 strings instead of just one long one. I consider these chisels a good buy. Thanks
  • Great Chisels

    James C, 8/28/2010 Got one of these Chisels and was very impressed the minute I lifted it out of the box. Great heft, a bit handle heavy but it balances well. Was very sharp right out of the box, I was doing a rough construction work on an old window and used 400 grit sand paper to hone the edge and it took smooth cuts on the doug fir and the western red cedar I was using. Great for pounding on with the metal hammer. I liked it so much I just ordered the whole set for the woodshop and will keep the 3/4 one in the construction tool box. Great Job Garrett Wade!"
  • Owner

    Bill Sewell, 6/11/2010 We purchased these for use on the jobsites (commercial builder). The hold up and stay sharp. Excellent heavy use small chisel set.
  • It's a LIE

    Asitis, 4/26/2010 These chisels are not full tang as the ad mentioned and previous review had said. The butt end of the chisel comes off with more than half the tang. However the chisels did come sharp. Not STURDY construction. NOT STEEL-Thru just see-thru construction.
  • Chisels Are a Cut Above

    T Kedley, 4/17/2010 The Chisels arrived sharp and ready to use. The full metal tang is very stable and can take a good pounding. These chisels worked very nicely is cutting out a dovetail and prepping for a hinge. Highly recommended.
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