Special Alligator Pliers

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Special Alligator Pliers
A modeler's sail rigger tool so unusual, it is really useful for everyone
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72A01.01 3-1/2" Alligator Pliers

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72A01.02 5-1/2" Alligator Pliers

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72A01.03 8" Alligator Pliers

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72A01.10 Set of All 3 Alligator Pliers

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Imagine having to reach into a very tight, narrow space in order to grab something small. Ordinary grippers will be useless, but this unusual tool has its hinge placed way down at the end of a long bent arm from 3-1/2 to 8" long. The small mouth opens up 1/4" and will grab whatever you need to retrieve. You'll be mighty glad you have it. The set of all 3 will allow you to reach almost anything.

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  • Strange Little Pliers

    Elizabeth Taylor, 1/29/2015 This is a great tool for hard objects and also soft things like the stuffing in a doll's leg. I've used it in model-making, textile art, handling tiny screws, and swabbing inside a small motor. It is not strong enough for forceful action e.g. a frozen screw. My husband ruins them every year or so, then I happily buy a new pair. Note that the jaws are not parallel.
  • Reach Out

    Matt , 10/14/2013 These are great for reaching into small holes and grabbing string and small wires. For Computer work they make running the wires very easy. And if you drop a screw, washer, or nut into a confined area, no problem getting it out.
  • Musical Instrument Repair

    Matthew Jones, 9/27/2013 The 8 alligator pliers work quite well in getting out the various items that students seem to get stuck in the tuning slides of their brass instruments. They also work well in getting stuck cleaning swabs out of oboes. I highly recommend them to anyone involved in band instrument repair."
  • Fully Functional

    John Vandiver, 1/21/2013 These are ultra nifty pliers for a wide variety of uses. I had a medical quality pair in my youth we used as a roach clip. These are not quite as precise but outstanding for price.
  • Ear Polypus

    Mark Irwin, 12/7/2012 These are also handy when gluing to avoid getting glue all over. The technical name Ear Polypus" is what the medical profession calls them. Great for removing wandering earwigs from your ears, I guess."
  • luthier's helper

    Randy Plachy, 1/7/2011 Great for guitar repair. Excellent for getting to those places where you can't reach. Easy to get into those archtop guitars or mandolins.
  • Great little tool....

    KK, 4/14/2010 I purchased one of these just as an after thought and it has been amazing how many uses I have found for it since, particularly working in odd angle, tight spaces.
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