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Clearance Special Electrician's Plier
With a large capacity cutter and a conduit reamer
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18A06.01 Special Electrician's Plier

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A tough pair of pliers for all gauges of single or multi-strand copper and aluminum wire. The big serrated jaws will easily grip and twist 3-strand wires or pull tight insulation off conductor ends. The generous sized cutters are by-pass shears (not side cutting snips). And aided by the leverage of long handles, you will be able to quickly cut through all types of household or automotive wiring. Non-slip nylon coating on the handles provides a good grip. The back of each jaw is grooved so that it can be used to de-burr plastic or metal conduit. Just insert the tool tip and a quick rotation will do the job. This is a real workhorse tool. We like it a lot.
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