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Special Fireplace & Woodstove Vacuum
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Cleaning out a fireplace or wood stove can be a messy job at best. Fine, light ash particles are notoriously difficult to contain, and worrying about hot ashes can make it hard to know how best to manage the task.

An innovative USA firm now makes a special 115V, 6 amp VAC with fire-resistant construction that uses a high performance, fire-resistant filter combination that can be cleaned without removing the lid, and an improved 5 ft. flexible metal fire-resistant pick-up hose with a metal tip. The ash capacity is 3 gallons. The ash drops into the steel pail, and does not stay in the filter.

As the cold weather approaches, we think this is perhaps the most interesting new helper tool available for your fireplace or wood stove. 115V, 6 amps. The Extra Tool Kit includes a crevice tool, brush, and adapter. The Filter Kit includes spare primary and secondary filters.

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