Special Joinery Trim-Chisels

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Special Joinery Trim-Chisels
For Hard to Reach Recesses
Handsome Hornbeam Handles
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Designed and made in small quantities by Lie-Nielsen Toolworks in the USA, the Fishtail Chisel is a specialist tool for the most precise trim work on woodworking joints - reaching the back corners of dovetail joints, for example, or paring clean other hard-to-reach places. Because of their very special shape and the fact that the blade is beveled to 25° (beveled on one side, not both sides as mentioned in the catalog), it is terrifically useful in fixing any variety of trim or fitting challenges. They are worth every penny.

Made of O-1 Tool Steel, hardened to Rockwell 60-62.

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  • Fishtail

    Lee, 6/8/2014 SUPERIOR! Cuts wood like a champ. Factory sharpened and ready to use, enjoying this chisel!
  • Fish Tail Chisels

    Larry Fetterman, 2/27/2013 I am building a newer tool cabinet and there are a lot of drawers to be made. These Dove Tail Chisels are just what I have been looking for. They are well balanced . At first I thought they would be a little small for the job but they sure proved me wrong. they were a easy to put a micro bevel on and they real hold an edge. They were a little tricky holding them in my sharping guide but was able to get the job done. Just a few laps on the 8000 grit wet stone and I was paring wood like a beaver. You won't go wrong in choosing these chisels. Happy Wood Working. Larry
  • Fishtail chisel review

    CDM, 2/25/2013 Though a 'niche' type of tool, I now find that I'm using them more than expected. The expected quality is there; typical socket handle fitment issue with wood shrinkage and/or expansion...quite frankly, I'd rather have them loose so I can personally fit and epoxy. The only issue is having to wait for them to arrive...
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