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26W01.01 6" Wire Twist Pliers

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26W01.02 9" Wire Twist Pliers

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This is a specialized tool but nothing will beat it as a time saver if you need to do the work. Use it for fencing, tying bundles of pipe, fastening a garden trellis together and much more. Just place the two wire ends in the jaws and lock them shut. Then pull the knob on the spiral-twist rod. Max practical wire size to use is about 3/32" diameter. Use the larger size for those larger projects that need more rotations to do the job properly.

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  • Wire twisting pliers

    Henry W. Leeds, 3/26/2017 The tool is well made and works great, but I could not lock it with wire over 30 gauge. Part of the problem is that I am 85 and have arthritis in both hands, so closing the pliers is a challenge in any circumstance. I spoke with your product specialist, Joe. He was wonderful, and extremely helpful. The bottom line is that I ended up also buying the 9" pliers. If it were not for the locking difficulty, this tool would get 5 stars. The difficulty could be minimized if the handles flared out more, and/or if they had a ratchet closing mechanism.
  • Lockwire pliers

    W B Rogers, 3/5/2017 The quality of this tool is excellent, even when compared to those I used many years ago in the nuclear industry. Very satisfied customer!
  • Great tool.

    Ignacio C Alvarez, 9/17/2016 Great tool, used one when I was in the Navy. I work on vehicles and I needed this tool so many times.
  • wire twisting pliers

    roberta goto, 6/27/2016 I gave a 4 point rating as have tried using 18+ gauge copper, brass, aluminum wire for my are projects.these pliers worked like a charm.....the real test will come with a heavier gauge wire........a very cool tool! the gentleman that helped me was wonderful-knowledgeable, informative...think his name was Joe(?)...

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you for your review on the Wire Twisting Pliers. We're happy that you are enjoying this tool, and that Joe was able to help you!

  • Very nice wire twister

    Tom Hirth, 6/11/2016 Nicely made tool. I won't use it often but it works like a beauty so far for bundling rebar.
  • In my dreams!

    Lynn, 5/22/2016 I bought these for a fencing job. I so wish they worked as the video shows! First, in using them with 14 ga electric fence wire, they were nearly impossible to close. Once closed, the spinner did not work, pull as I might. I tried both regular wire and aluminum; the aluminum was a little easier. The spinner handle, tho, served well as a rotation point while I hand-turned the pliers.

    Moving on to a fine-gauged wire, no significant difficulty in closing, but it still wouldn't spin -- maybe with lubrication? Still, the spinner made a terrific handle to hold while spinning the pliers by hand.

    My conclusion is that if they were cheaper I would keep them, but that's too much money to spend for a tool that won't do its job. I have decided I would rather pay my neighbor to weld a spinning handle onto a pair of vise grips and have something that is at least adjustable for all sizes of wire.



    WILLIAM, 4/11/2016 Never knew something like this existed, but can think of several uses for which it will ease the work.
  • Pliers with a twist Multi application

    B.C. , 3/3/2016 I have only tested these on 14 gauge wire but feel they will handle bigger gauges.
    I have a good sized fencing job and hope to try these out on the electric wire there soon. Also think these will work great at bundling and attaching poles and pipes in my garden raised beds.
  • Wire Twister

    Jon, 7/15/2015 Have not tried these yet but looking forward to it. This a great idea and a cool tool.

    JORGE SANCHEZ, 10/19/2013 Vi la herramienta, me intereso y al ver el video, me gusto el alicate para torcer el alambre, es una excelente herramienta, se la recomiendo a otras personas. (I saw the tool, I am interested and seeing the video, I like the pliers to twist the wire, is an excellent tool, I recommend it to others.)
  • Great Wire Pliers!

    Jon, 6/11/2012 Great wire pliers! I used safety wire pliers in the Air Force and these work very well. They spin very well and over time they will become an excellent pair.
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