Specialty Nail Brushes

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Specialty Nail Brushes
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45A03.25 Personal Nail Brush

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45A03.53 Pers. Nail Brush (3)

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Clean hands are important for maintenance ofgood health - if not for good appearance. Butour hands always get dirty - sometimes verydirty. Our Personal Nail Brush has two brushingareas - one for the whole end of the fingerand the smaller one to get under the nail surfaceitself. It's easy to use, it really works -and it's inexpensive. Get an extra one for yourspouse - or special friend, and another for the workshop. You'll be pleased with your appearance, and so will others. Made of unfinished beechwood and soft, light boar bristle.

The Gardener's Nail Brush (1-1/2 x 3") is anothermatter entirely. Its bristles are very short andstiff - designed to remove caked-in dirt all overyour hands. It's the very best we have seen forthis kind of work. Made of oiled beechwood and tampico fibre (a durable, porous fiber made from the agave cactus).

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  • Wonderful Nail Brush

    Jan, 3/21/2015 I have bought several of these Gardener Nail Brushes to keep at every sink in the house....they're perfect for cleaning and they look great. They will be in my house for a long time.
  • Great Brush

    Zaven, 6/9/2014 This brush is great, I had a wood brush in an earlier life, but could only find plastic one for replacements. It is great to have the feel of natural bristles and wood. This is a great brush - it really clean nails well.
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