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Spiral Hose Watering Kit
$ 59.95
33' thermoplastic polyurethane 1/2 spiral coil hose with excellent flexibility and good abrasion and kink resistance. Jet Spray Pistol features a pressure sensitive handle and multi- position lock for continuous spray with single touch release. Super convenient Quick-connect hose end connectors. Kit includes an aerator adaptor (15/16" male) to connect to standard kitchen and bath faucets, and a 1/2"- 3/4" utility faucet adaptor for use in campsites, basements, garages, pool decks, dockside or where ever a spray hose comes in handy. Pistol wall mount helps keep area clear and organized. Hose is functional up to a water temperature of 160° F and water pressure up to 116 psi.
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