Stainless Steel Chopsticks

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Sale Stainless Steel Chopsticks
Elegant, long-lasting, & sanitary
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39C04.01 4 Pair Small Chopsticks

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39C04.02 4 Pair Medium Chopsticks

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39C04.03 4 Pair Large Chopsticks

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39C04.10 Master Chopstick Set (12 Pair)

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We first used these during a factory visit in China. They're exceptionally nice because they are light, strong, elegant, totally dishwasher proof, and (most importantly) very sanitary.

They're great for camping as well, as they take up no space, and won't break or splinter. You can even use them as stirrers or swizzle sticks. Offered in three sizes (6, 7-1/4 and 9"), in sets of four pair per size. Buy a master set of 12 pairs, four pair of each size, and save.

Also pictured is our Workshop Mess Kit.

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  • SS Chopsticks

    Diane, 2/22/2012 I love these chopsticks, they are so light and easy to handle, which surprised me for being metal, but they are only a little bit heavier than wooden chopsticks you barely notice the difference. I have carpal tunnel syndrome on my right hand and being right-handed this is very important for my comfort and ease. They are not slippery at all. The carved lines at the narrow tips allow for easy grip of food, which is the most important aspect. I find the chopsticks very pretty, that I don't mind bringing them to an asian restaurant to eat. I recommend these to anyone. :)
  • Great Chopsticks

    Blue Moon, 2/17/2012 These chopsticks are great, I bought the small ones and loved them, I just placed an order for the medium size ones. They are durable and very easy on the hands. I was worried that they would be too heavy but they are not, they are very nice to handle and grab the food.
  • very nice

    Don, 2/10/2012 Very nice that last for lifetime.
  • Elegant

    Ed, 2/17/2011 These are quite beautiful. I ordered the large as I have big hands. They work very well and have the benefit of offering many, many a meal. Enjoy.
  • I love this stuff!

    Eileen S, 1/7/2011 I bought these stainless steel chopsticks out of curiosity, mostly, and I'm glad I did. I work in IT and immediately put a pair of each length into my tool kit, since I work on printers a lot and often need 'longer fingers' to extract bits of paper and foreign objects (don't ask). They'll also be great for pushing cleaning cloths into tight spaces to wipe out crevices, and I'm sure as time goes by I'll find many more uses for them. For home use, I have lots of hobbies I can use them for- I may even keep a couple of pairs in my vehicle for emergency culinary chopsticks. An especially nice touch is the rings around the bottom- better gripping!
  • Great Chop Sticks

    desNotes, 1/26/2010 These chopsticks are well made, light but don't warp, nick or stain with food. I bought a 2nd set to give as a gift and will probably buy more.
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