Stainless Steel Japanese Kitchen Knives

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Clearance Stainless Steel Japanese Kitchen Knives
Exceptional quality for demanding cooks
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52A02.02 6" Japanese Chef’s Knife

In stock

Regular Price: $175.00

Special Price $99.95

52A02.01 Japn. Paring Knife

In stock

Regular Price: $114.00

Special Price $79.95

52A02.10 Both Japanese Knives

In stock

Regular Price: $289.00

Special Price $160.00

These knives (a 6” Chef’s knife and a close-work 4 ½” Paring Knife) are 100% stainless steel (unusual for Japanese knives). The handles are plain, with indents to improve your grip, and are very comfortable. The blades are extremely sharp, and thinner than the usual Western style (this is typical of Japanese tools).

Good tools are critical for kitchen work. The usual familiar brand names dominate what is typically available, but there are other special makers who manufacture super high quality (and therefore more expensive) knives that have a harder time in the retail market being recognized and distributed. Garrett Wade has identified a Japanese maker doing extraordinary work, and we have selected these knives for you. Any ambitious cook (amateur or professional) will recognize the high quality of these tools. They are exceptional and we recommend them without reservation.
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