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European Made Premium Watering Nozzles
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European Made Premium Watering Nozzles

The best we've ever seen
With free quick-change fittings

Stock Number Item Description Availability Price Order Qty
25W04.11 Pistol-Grip Nozzle
In Stock $44.50  
25W04.12 Rainmaker-Aerator
In Stock $69.95  
25W04.13 Versatile Spray Mister
In Stock $79.95  
62K13.03 Male Adapter (#4)
In Stock $4.50  
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We have always gone to Europe for the best nozzles available. Recently, we discovered a maker in France that makes a series of nozzles at a quality level even higher than we had previously ever seen. Uniquely, near-zero plastic used. These are truly Best-in-Class. The nozzle body and moving parts are precision Zamak castings (an alloy of the purest Zinc with aluminum, copper and magnesium). Solid Brass is also used. And we have equipped each nozzle with a solid brass quick-change fitting so you can swap them out with a single simple motion.

Three familiar styles are available: Single-Stream Pistol Grip, a 2" diameter Rainfallmaker/Aerator, and a Versatile Spray with a shower plus two tighter streams. These are not inexpensive. But all you have to do is to pick one up to know that your grandchildrenís children will be using them. Each is pressure tested before leaving the factory. The quality is outstanding.

Each French nozzle will come with the two Solid Brass Quick-Change fittings shown (a Male Adaptor and a Hose-end Water-stop Connector) at No additional Cost (a $12.45 value); These will allow instant change over from one nozzle to another without turning off the water at the source. Get additional Male Adaptors to convert all your nozzles over to Quick Change connections.

Customers Ratings and Reviews
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Overall Rating :3.5 
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1  - 
Mine Broke Too
Reviewed By:   (Arlington, VA) 
I loved this nozzle when I first used it, but the part under the brass knob broke after 6 months, just as other reviewers reported. What a disappointment.

Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
Thank you for your review on the Pistol Grip Nozzle. We are sorry to hear that it didnít hold up. Your comments are much appreciated, and have been forwarded to our purchasers. Please feel free to send it back, and we will give you a full refund. Or if you wish, you may try another which our product specialist has checked out before sending to you.

5  - 
Great Nozzle
Reviewed By:   (Leeburg, Oregon) 
I live on a small homestead-style farm in rural Oregon, and we use a lot of hoses and nozzles here, in the garden, greenhouse, and at the barn. They get frequent use and lots of exposure to the elements, and I've yet to have a plastic nozzle, even a well-made, seemingly sturdy one, last more than a single season. This is my second purchase of the versatile spray mister model, and I've also purchased three of the pistol grip model. They're very pricey--especially this spray mister one--but over time, not having to replace them, because of their sturdy all metal construction, makes them worth the premium cost to me. And it's an extremely versatile nozzle, especially due to the knob on the back which controls the volume of water flow, so you can have anything from the gentlest of spray mists for delicate or young plants to a hard focused stream for blasting off dirt. Highly recommended.
Rate & Review Grand Prize $100 Winner March 2015 Rate & Review Grand Prize $100 Winner. Congratulations, Judson!!

1  - 
What a Disapointment
Reviewed By:   (Carrollton, Virginia) 
The Pistol-Grip nozzle is described as "near-zero plastic used" and "These are not inexpensive. But all you have to do is to pick one up to know that your grandchildrenís children will be using them.". Guess what just broke? The plastic shaft attached to the adjusting knob! For $44.50 all parts should have metal, that would have cost only a few pennies more.

Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
Thank you for your review on the Pistol Grip Nozzle. We're sorry to hear you are disappointed. Please feel free to return it for a complete refund using the label which was included. We apologize for the inconvenience.

1  - 
Hidden Plastic
Reviewed By:   (Big Stone City, SD) 
The water flow adjustment is plastic under the brass knob. It broke the first day when it was dropped on concrete. A good nozzle made worthless by putting in cheep plastic.

1  - 
Don't Even Consider It
Reviewed By:   (Manalapan, NJ) 
I am not the kind of person who writes negative reviews. In fact, this is my first time writing a negative review for a product, ever. I will admit, I bought this because it looked shiny and perfect. Boy was I wrong! Within two weeks the nozzle began leaking. First I thought it was the quick connect, but it happened to be the rubber O ring on the nozzle itself. I couldn't not find a replacement O ring in the right size, anywhere. Forget about taking the quick connect off an using it, this is a European nozzle, and the threading is different. So it does not fit into other quick connects, attachments, or directly to hoses. Being the understanding guy that I am, I decided to give it the rest of the summer. I spent 2 to 3 times the amount of time watering. The spray stream is weak and inconsistent. Also, ever since getting it, some of the holes were clogged so this leaked too. Do yourself a huge favor, and go to the hardware store, and get a plastic 12.99 sprayer. At least 3 times better stream, and no leaking! The only good thing about this item is the looks, and several of my neighbors told me they were going to steal, I told them to go right ahead and take it.

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