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Steel Straightedges
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Steel Straightedges

Excellent for layout & marking up
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05S11.03 Steel Straight Edge 36 In.
In Stock $65.80 $46.00  
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As a woodworker, you often need a good straightedge for layout and to check the flatness of wide surfaces if they have been hand or machine flattened.

A good steel straightedge does the trick. These are 1-5/16" wide, and we found them in a toolmaker’s shop in China, and picked them up as a great value. It’s important to recognize that these are not "Starrett" as you might use for machine shop set-up. (Nor do they cost, at 20-25% of a Starrett, anywhere near as much. If you need a Starrett kind of precision, you’ve got to spring for the big bucks.) But at a tolerance of 0.0005" per inch of length (their possible out-of-absolute-flat is about 1/64” over a full 36" - less of course, with a shorter length). That's plenty good for woodwork results checking (do you need a Rolls Royce to get to the mall?).

These have a bevel "knife edge" making them easy to "read". The edges are marked in decimal inches (machinist style) instead of imperial fractions or metric increments. (Note: the 1st inch of markings is not intended to be used for accurate measuring, in those cases start at the one and make your way up the rule.)

By the way, here is a tip from us. We are very enthusiastic fans of flattening boards by hand - at least in the final stage of this work - for the simple aesthetic reason that such boards reflect light after the top coat is applied in much more beautiful ways that those that are left machine flattened. Your customers (perhaps your family) will be impressed by the difference.

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Overall Rating :4 
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5  - 
Best Straightedge!
Reviewed By:   (Gordon, Nebraska) 
I've been looking for several years for the perfect straightedge for both my woodworking and my photography, and this is the best one I've found. It is a substantial weight so it doesn't slide around on my photographic prints and it has both a right-angle and an acute angle edge. The hanging hole makes it within reach in seconds when I need it but out of the way when I don't. Highly recommended.

5  - 
Reviewed By:   (Rockport, Texas) 
I used it (along with a digital caliper and feeler gauges) to check and fine-tune my jointer. The heft makes it easy to check for flatness, i.e., it will stand on its' edge by itself.

3  - 
Squint Rule
Reviewed By:   (Macon, Georgia) 
The steel straightedge has a substantial heft and I love the knife like edge for drawing a line, but the number and line markings on the face are faintly imprinted and difficult to read. What a shame to have the proverbial "dollar waiting for a dime"!

5  - 
Great Accuracy
Reviewed By:   (Bergenfield , NJ) 
These rules are great. Great weight, great accuracy and sharpness. (My son-in-law thought they were blades for my planer.) Great value too.

5  - 
Reviewed By:   (Seattle, WA) 
I like this rule. It has the weight and the rule. Great! I bought 2-12" and I know I will buy more, the 24", at the reduced price. Dan

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