Super-Grip Screwdrivers
$ 79.30 97.50
Roundish" handles (even those with rubber) are terrible to use when you have to apply a lot of torque. The triangular shape of these innovative tools is much easier on your forearms and allows you to generate much more turning torque without worrying about slip-out.

Plus the tough steel tang and steel striking cap make these exceptionally heavy-duty tools. The two sets each come with our own 6 pocket Denim Tool Roll with a cotton tie so that all can be kept tidy and safe in storage or transport.

The smaller Set of Four with its Denim Roll (two slot and two #1 & #2 Phillips) will probably handle 90% of your expected needs. The Set of Six adds the two largest tools (one slot and one Phillips).

These are undeniably beautiful and highly functional tools that make great gifts.
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