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Clearance Super-Secure Paper Attachment Clips
Removable and Reusable – multiple times
Gives documents & reports a smart, finished look
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Physically connecting pieces of paper together is pretty dull stuff – we all do it with wire staples. Under stress from normal handling, though, top and bottom sheets can be torn from stapled documents, even lost if you’re not paying attention. How can you avoid this? With the Japanese-designed Super-Secure Paper Attachment Tool is how.

First, it punches a 1/8" diameter round hole near the document edge, then clips a plastic fastener through the hole to attach all the sheets solidly together. The body of the fastener (or clip) is 7/16" square and locks securely once set. The ample width of the clip protects both the top and bottom sheet from being ripped away and lost in handling. The clips hold up to 20 sheets of ordinary office copy paper.

Plus, the clips are reusable, greatly expanding the tool’s utility. They are quickly & easily removed with a slot in the tool’s base, allowing pages to be separated and reattached whenever required. Making changes, adding or removing pages safely while maintaining a nice clean look can be a big help on school homework and draft reports.

The Secure Attachment comes with 15 white Clips. We recommend you add a box of 50 Clips (white or black, depending on your taste) to your initial order. Instructions are included.
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