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The most rugged pocket knife we have ever come across
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07A01.12 Super-Tough Knife

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Pick this one up and its solidness, good balance and overall heft simply make you feel special. Now, this may seem like a bit of hyperbole and even a bit silly, but it's really true. Of course, it's likely that you don't need any of this kind of "reinforcement," but can it hurt? Blade 4" long. Liner lock security. Best carried in a jacket pocket or a back pack. Frankly, we love it.
Blade Thickness:
Blade Length:
Overall Length:
Blade Material:
Stainless Steel
Handle Material:

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11 reviews 0 5 4.5
Overall Rating
  • My knife 07A01.12

    Amos, 5/12/2017 Wow was I surprised when I got my knife. The cost was less and the knife was far better than any other I have paid 4 times as much for! Beefy and sharp just wish it had a pocket clip or pouch, but no loss fits great in the pocket.You can't go wrong with this Baby ( sorry) it is man size.
  • Real heavy knife.

    Michael Vitetta, 5/10/2017 Real heavy knife. Wish it was sharper out of the box. Love the ambidextrous speed opener!
  • Love it!

    Michael, 5/4/2017 Great heavy super sharp knife! Solid locking blade!
  • Knife nearly impossible to close

    MWall, 4/29/2017 The knife, once opened, is virtually impossible to close. Earlier postings note the same problem. GW should have stopped selling this dangerous to use knife.
  • Great knife with a smidgen of tuning

    Jim, 3/11/2017 This a good hefty knife, just the thing to put in the trunk for difficult situations like cutting strapping or a safety harness. Like other reviewers, I noticed that it was easy to open but really difficult to close. I thought it might be my aging hands, but on closer inspection I think it has more to do with a flat on the blade just where it catches the liner lock. I took a needle file and rounded this flat off just a smidgen, and it now closes smoothly while still locking firmly.
  • Surprise! Kept it for myself!

    Monique, 1/26/2017 Found this knife to be a more serious one than I expected. Solid heft in the hand, beautiful carbon blade. Will be my emergency, take-on-the-go knife going forward. I actually bought it for a 21 yr old friend's birthday, but "surprise!" when it arrived, I couldn't pass it on and decided to keep it for myself. This female outdoors person is one happy camper!
  • Glad I purchased 2

    Barbara Carney, 1/21/2017 Heavy duty, nice sharp blade, but very hard for my "arthritic" hands to close. The closing mechanism is extremely stiff
  • Great general purpose knife

    Paul Mckenzie, 1/15/2017 Good,strong well made knife. Comfortable in the hand and a nice smooth opening action. Very pleased with this knife

    Timothy Pineo, 10/3/2016 This is one fine knife. I was very surprised by its weight and feel it every time I pick it up. It also arrived with a extremely sharp edge and that was another surprise. This is a knife that should be in every ones collection and it also should be the first knife you pick up and use.
  • glad I got this knife...

    Chuck, 7/8/2016 what a knife! Very sturdy. A bit hard to get it folded down after use. Just would like to have a sheath to fit it in to carry on my belt.
  • Bull of a knife

    Barbara C. Thompson, 7/6/2016 Heft is the key word in the description of this knife. Down right heavy, not a pocket knife by any stretch of the imagination. If you want a bull of a knife this is it! Could use this one to drive nails or cut a can open, as blade locks open and the weight makes quick work of any chopping, prying or digging out areas in wood. Presharpened blade means it's ready to go to work once you take it out of it's packing.
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