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Heavy duty casters will make your life easier
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Except in the very largest shops, it's very, very useful to be able to reposition heavy machinery, worktables and other large gear. But it can be difficult to do easily. Casters may be available locally, but they are typically second-rate - the materials are flimsy, the wheels are too small, the wheel-locks are unreliable etc. We have researched a dozen makers for you and picked some first-rate Casters that will make your life easier. These are industrial grade tools.

These are all steel with 4" solid hard wearing thermoplastic resin rubberized wheels and ball-bearing axles. Load capacity for each caster is 175 lbs. They come in two individual styles: rigid (non-swiveling) and fully swiveling. Each swiveling caster has a strong foot-actuated locking mechanism.

Probably the most generally useful selection and the easiest to move in a straight line (order "Set A") is two Rigid plus two Swiveling (locking) Casters. However, we also have a selection (order "Set B") of four Swiveling Casters, if you want the maximum flexibility in directional movement (even rotating 360° in place) or if you need to lock all 4 wheels.

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  • Smooth Rollers

    Stephen Nelson, 12/5/2016 The "tires" on these casters make them very smooth rollers. Sure beat the hard-rubber ones they replaced.
  • 5 Star Casters

    Wendy, 11/6/2013 I love these castors! I have two 4 x 12" tables in our back yard with granite tops. With out these castors we would not be able to move the tables anywhere. The tables can be moved easily in any direction and have held up to the weather and weight of the granite."
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