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Burn any solid fuel - anywhere, anytime
For Camping, Hiking, Backpacking, Hunting, Fishing & Surviving in the Wild
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Light, compact, and easy to store or carry, this little firebox leaves very low trace residue, creates no garbage, is very stable, extremely safe, and can be used in very cold weather.

All you need to create a high cooking heat (up to 20,000 of BTU - 1,200°F) is a few AA batteries. It uses no artificial fuels and is therefore extremely safe to store, carry and use. It will burn any dry fuel material (wood blocks/chips, natural fibers, dry animal dung, cardboard, charcoal, etc). An ingenious internal fan (which will run nearly 24 hours on the AA batteries) creates a forge-like environment in the base of the stove, rapidly producing an intense heat.

This absolutely reliable and environmentally friendly tool will never let you down, even under difficult circumstances. Beautifully designed, light (1-1/2 lb) and compact (5 x 8 x 2" high when folded shut). Made in Canada.

We also have a grill available that uses the Survival Stove technology.
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  • Great Camping Stove

    John Whann, 10/24/2014 This is the most useful camp stove I've seen. Small, lightweight, and uses whatever fuel is available. Best investment I've made for my long term wilderness camping. Bravo" to the inventor!"
  • Fine Product

    Ed, 8/6/2014 I've used this stove for about 4 years and it's still as good as new. Although heavier then the screw on attachments for propane/butane mini-canisters, its dependability and utility outweighs that limitation. It will burn very hot when resinous fuel is used. My application is strictly backpacking and it is now a standard component of my backpacking kit. My favorite fuel is pine cones which will burn even when damp.
  • Extremley camper friendly

    Chuckles, 6/8/2012 High quality merchandise. A little pricey but you get what you pay for. Easy clean up ,packs small and very light to pack. I could go on but,it does what they say it will do. Buy it now if you a need a good... small cooking device.
  • Awesome Concept

    Adam, 12/1/2010 This stove is relatively light and very versatile. Perfect for a trip onthe Appalachian trail. All we needed was some rechargeable batteries and we were set. We grabbed leaves and wood from the area. Fast to boil water!
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