Sutherland Welles "Murdoch" Line
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Sutherland Welles' Murdoch" line is absolutely unique. Combining the very highest quality pure, hard resin with selected amounts of polymerized Tung oil, it's an extremely durable finish, with dependable workability in a variety of climactic conditions.

Finish dries to recoat in 4-6 hours (6-8 hrs for Satin), allowing multiple recoats in a single working day. The Murdoch line produces the look of a hand-rubbed "French Polish" finish, combining the look and clarity of this famous finish with the technology of a modern resin system. It is easy-to-use and produces a gorgeous sheen, with a light honey color and a pleasant citrus odor. (These items cannot be shipped by air service.)

Note: These items have been restricted from being shipped outside the U.S.

NOTE: Due to impending laws on air quality control and other health concerns, these items have been restricted from shipping to California.
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