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Sutherland Welles Tung Oil Finishes
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Tung oil is recognized as the finest oil finish available. However, most so-called Tung oil finishes on the market have been adulterated with varnishes, lower cost soy oils, and/or urethane additives. This makes the finish somewhat cheaper and easier to use, but sacrifices the special qualities of Tung oil. Pure Tung oil provides a tough, hard surface that is absolutely waterproof, and impervious to dust, alcohol, acetone, and fruit and vegetable acids. It does not darken with age as linseed oil does.

Sutherland Welles uses polymerization from a cooking process to give its Tung Oil a faster drying time and a harder, higher gloss surface. Increasing the percentage of polymerized oil in the formulation of the finish restricts penetration but increases luster, durability and hardness. Always wipe off excess oil, turning your rag frequently. If tackiness persists, simply wet the surface with more oil, wipe immediately and let dry overnight. Keep tightly capped and minimize the amount of air in the can to prolong shelf life.(These items cannot be shipped by air service.)

Note: These items have been restricted from being shipped outside the U.S.

NOTE: Due to impending laws on air quality control and other health concerns, these items have been restricted from shipping to California.
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