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Swiss Army Axes
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Swiss Army Axes

We Found Another Lot!, Unused and in Perfect Condition
4.5  ( 6 Customer Reviews )

Stock Number Item Description Availability Price Sale Price Order Qty
04D04.11 Swiss Camping Axe
Expected by 4/25/2014
$49.00 $42.50  
04D04.12 Swiss Chopping Axe
Expected by 4/25/2014
$65.25 $49.75  
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Garrett Wade is happy to announce the return of the vintage-yet-never-used Swiss Army Axes. Those who missed out on these beautiful tools the first time have one more chance at a unique piece of history as well as a solid, dependable, Swiss-made Axe.

We think that, because of their size, they are designed for campsite and clearance work. The Chopping Axe (that's what we are going to call it) has a 23" handle and weighs almost 5 lbs. The neck is so deep (2-1/2") near the head that it seems almost "reinforced". This has to be deliberate. Its unusual weight gives it great momentum (power) when swung. It's a serious tool. Nothing subtle about it at all.

The smaller Camping Axe has a 15-1/2" handle and weighs 2-1/4 lbs. Its size makes it a perfect campfire/kindling tool - easy to handle one-handed and easy to carry when foraging.

The price that we have been able to put on these two beautiful tools makes them opportunities not to be missed. Despite their age, they are clean as a whistle - having been stored in perfect conditions. Again, in very limited quantities.Shown in the alternative images with the Waxed Canvas Log Carrier. The Swiss Army Axes sold out in about a week when we offered them in the fall of 2010. At the time, we were told that our limited stock was all that was available. But we went back to our "pickers" anyway to ask them to keep looking, and we left the axes online on the slimmest hope that our search would not be in vain. And then, we got a call. Our persistence had paid off. We found another lot!

Customers Ratings and Reviews
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Overall Rating :4.5 
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4  - 
Swiss Chopping Axe
Reviewed By:   (Atlanta, GA) 
I purchased two of these, one for splitting and one to experiment on with longer handles to make it more of a traditional chopping axe. The steel appears to be of excellent quality as edge retained sharpness after splitting a chord of wood. Handle is sturdy and well set. I did sand the handles and treat with boiled linseed oil. The only down side I've run into is finding a longer replacement handle to fit. The eye is squared off in back and is a good bit larger than any of my other axes. Overall I find the axe of excellent quality, but I took off a star because of the short handle. I know it's supposed to be packable for the military, but this civilian would've preferred a longer handle.

5  - 
Reviewed By:   (Charlotte, MI) 
I purchased both of these axes. I missed the first batch,but when they got a second batch I was right on it. They are both great axes! The small one is great for splitting kindling to start your fire and the large one is heavy enough with its wedge shape for splitting the big stuff. I don't know about the guy from Tennessee but this is a Swiss Axe not from Sweden, two different countries.

5  - 
Great Ax!
Reviewed By:   (Rockville, Maryland) 
I've been looking for a short-handled ax and I'm glad I found this Swiss Army ax! It's sharp and has a heavy, full-sized head on an ash handle. It works! It does the job on our two-acre wooded lot (tall oaks, hickory, poplar). I use a bow saw a lot, but I also need more than a hatchet to work in confined areas on downed branches, etc.
Rate & Review Honorable Mention $50 Winner January 2012 Rate & Review Honorable Mention $50 Winner. Congratulations, Jerry!!

4  - 
Strange Axe
Reviewed By:   (Union City, Tennessee ) 
This is a huge axe for the handle length. I bought the big boy (23"). Its got a 5lb head and a 23" handle. I thought it was for splitting, since most splitting hang hatchets are these dimensions, but it isn't. The blade is much too tapered for splitting. I don't know how one is suppose to use it for bucking or felling with a straight handle. I'm afraid it may slip out of my hands. It is a good looking axe, but I did notice a few waves on both sides of the blade from a grinder. The blade has no stamps or tool maker markings to show the maker of the blade. Most tools like axes have a makers mark. I found this odd considering this is a Swedish axe.

5  - 
great little hatchet
Reviewed By:   (leesville, la) 
This is an extraordinary little hatchet thatís easy to sharpen and easy to use. I sharpened mine with a medium file, and afterwards touched it up with my diamond stone and is it ever sharp!!! Even after chopping through several 4 inch thick fresh white oak logs! The only problem I had was that the wedge that holds the head on to the axe handle looks to be made of oak instead of soft poplar, and it was backing out after the 4th log, so I tapped it back in and soaked the head in a bucket of water for an hour so the wood would (lol, wood would...) swell up and hold the head on tighter and it has! Itís now my favorite hatchet, and if it ever breaks, meaning the head, I will in all probability get another one just like it. Way to go Garrett Wade!!!!

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