Swiss Army Camping Axe

Swiss Army Camping Axe
Stored for years, in like-new condition
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04D04.11 Swiss Camping Axe

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This vintage-yet-never-used Swiss Army Camping Axe has a 15-1/2" handle and weighs 2-1/4 lbs. Its size makes it a perfect campfire/kindling tool - easy to handle one-handed and easy to carry when foraging.

The price that we have been able to put on the axe makes it an opportunity not to be missed. Despite it's age, it's clean as a whistle - having been stored in perfect conditions. Again, we have very limited quantities.

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Overall Rating
  • Camping Axe

    Bruce Doll, 4/19/2015 An excellent product. Size and weight are good for backpacking.
  • Nice Quality

    Donn, 12/25/2014 Nice quality. Nicely balanced and very sharp!!!!!
  • Swiss Don't Miss

    Steve, 10/28/2014 The quality is close to a 10. Perfect for small jobs or the camp site.
  • Not Bad For Surplus

    JR, 10/27/2014 This is a great little axe, although the handles are cheap surplus. I look forward to putting a nice handle on it and getting many years of use from it!
  • Best Value!

    Dave Chakerian, 7/15/2014 This is the second one I have bought. The first one was adopted" by my Brother. You can find less expensive and more expensive hand axes, but for the money I doubt you can do better. Quality steel and great handling insure you will never run out of kindling again. Do not hesitate!"
  • Bottom Line

    Robert Heusser, 7/13/2014 Recently I received as described a beautifully made Swiss axe from Garret Wade. Transaction went smoothly with good follow up which included a recent catalog showing other quality items being offered by wade. So look no further. The bottom line here is great customer service, quality merchandise priced fairly and a good and reliable resource for future purchases. .........R. Heusser
  • Large Swiss Axe

    Matt Catania, 6/23/2014 This is a nice solid axe with a quality hard wood handle. Although the head is not marked the handle is stamped with what appears to be a Swiss Army imprint. The workmanship indicates that this is of Swiss manufacture. I am pleased with this tool as it is heavy enough to be used on larger chopping jobs.
  • Swiss Chopping Axe

    Richard S., 4/27/2013 I purchased two of these, one for splitting and one to experiment on with longer handles to make it more of a traditional chopping axe. The steel appears to be of excellent quality as edge retained sharpness after splitting a chord of wood. Handle is sturdy and well set. I did sand the handles and treat with boiled linseed oil. The only down side I've run into is finding a longer replacement handle to fit. The eye is squared off in back and is a good bit larger than any of my other axes. Overall I find the axe of excellent quality, but I took off a star because of the short handle. I know it's supposed to be packable for the military, but this civilian would've preferred a longer handle.
  • Woodworker

    Bob D., 1/25/2012 I purchased both of these axes. I missed the first batch,but when they got a second batch I was right on it. They are both great axes! The small one is great for splitting kindling to start your fire and the large one is heavy enough with its wedge shape for splitting the big stuff. I don't know about the guy from Tennessee but this is a Swiss Axe not from Sweden, two different countries.
  • Great Ax!

    Jerry Miller, 1/15/2012 I've been looking for a short-handled ax and I'm glad I found this Swiss Army ax! It's sharp and has a heavy, full-sized head on an ash handle. It works! It does the job on our two-acre wooded lot (tall oaks, hickory, poplar). I use a bow saw a lot, but I also need more than a hatchet to work in confined areas on downed branches, etc.
    Rate & Review Honorable Mention $50 Winner January 2012 Rate & Review Honorable Mention $50 Winner. Congratulations, Jerry!!"
  • Strange Axe

    Andy, 1/5/2012 This is a huge axe for the handle length. I bought the big boy (23). Its got a 5lb head and a 23" handle. I thought it was for splitting, since most splitting hang hatchets are these dimensions, but it isn't. The blade is much too tapered for splitting. I don't know how one is suppose to use it for bucking or felling with a straight handle. I'm afraid it may slip out of my hands. It is a good looking axe, but I did notice a few waves on both sides of the blade from a grinder. The blade has no stamps or tool maker markings to show the maker of the blade. Most tools like axes have a makers mark. I found this odd considering this is a Swedish axe."
  • Great Little Hatchet

    Pyromaniac, 12/14/2011 This is an extraordinary little hatchet that's easy to sharpen and easy to use. I sharpened mine with a medium file, and afterwards touched it up with my diamond stone and is it ever sharp!!! Even after chopping through several 4 inch thick fresh white oak logs! The only problem I had was that the wedge that holds the head on to the axe handle looks to be made of oak instead of soft poplar, and it was backing out after the 4th log, so I tapped it back in and soaked the head in a bucket of water for an hour so the wood would (lol, wood would...) swell up and hold the head on tighter and it has! It's now my favorite hatchet, and if it ever breaks, meaning the head, I will in all probability get another one just like it. Way to go Garrett Wade!!!!
  • Dissapointed

    Jay, 9/8/2011 So I couldn't find any other reviews of this small camping axe on forums and such so I took a swing at buying the thing with some expectation of it being a refined and well built tool. After all, tools were usually built with higher standards 30-50 years ago right? Nothing against Garrett Wade but it seems the photographer chose the most pristine small camper's axe of the lot. The fit and finish of the axe is not up to par with what I was expecting for the price. It doeskin seem like a hand forged tool, although I expected that anyways from the look of the photos. The eye is slightly off center, the grind from the cheek to the bit is a little uneven on both sides, and the grind at the toe is thinner than the rest of the edge. The edge also came way too dull. The handle of the axe is a nice, solid piece of hickory with a smooth finish and the grain runs all the way from the knob to the shoulder. The grain runs perpendicular to the axe head instead of parallel to it, but that doesn't bother me as much as the head. I'm keeping the thing though because it seems to cut perfectly well after regrinding the edge and sanding down the imperfections in the cheeks. It's now a fairly handsome tool with a little history and plenty of functionality. Not sure if I would bring this little axe backpacking because of its weight, for that, maybe a Gransfors wildlife hatchet with a much thinner grind, lighter weight, and shorter handle.
  • Chopping Axe

    Paul B., 8/7/2011 Interesting, the head is so heavy the whole axe feels out of balance when swinging. Also, the handle ends abruptly. Would be preferred if it had a curved ergonomic handle that was a few inches longer. I sanded the rough edges and coated the unfinished handle with multiple coats of linseed oil. That made a big improvement. Overall, good as a vintage collectable, but isn't likely to be the go-to axe for all-around use.
  • Great Axes

    Steve, 7/21/2011 Bought both of them and they are great. I have actually taken them both camping and they performed admirably.
  • Misleading Description

    Darl Zehr, 6/8/2011 I expected a high quality axe made by the Swiss. I also thought it was an older item that was a surplus military product. Instead, it appears that it was reproduction made in Taiwan or China. Not at all what I expected. I immediately sent them back.
  • Swiss Camping Axe

    Russ, 11/17/2010 Fine axe for the money due to its size and weight good for backpacking. Will make a great gift.
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