Swiss-Design, Hi-Tech, Portable, Universal, Outdoor Gas Grill & BBQ
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Finally, a gas Grill/BBQ that brings state-of-the-art design to outdoor cooking. This fully portable unit (called the City Grill" by the maker) is the world’s most compact gas kettle BBQ.

One of its secrets is the revolutionary Funnel Technology that allows it to cook everything from sausages, hamburgers, and bread or desserts to roast beef, fish, steaks and poultry - even an Indonesian rice dish. And the design virtually eliminates smoke and grease flare-ups.

The interior Funnel will (depending on its position) either force all heat out to and up the sides of the kettle base, distributing even indirect heat everywhere. (It is not shown, but sits inside just below the cooking surface.) Used in this position and with the lid on, there is no need to turn the food during cooking. The alternative position is for the Funnel to be reversed - into the "Volcano" position forcing all heat up though the center - for grilling at very high temperature on the cast-iron griddle without the lid.

Designed for both the modern urban and outdoors world, the Universal Grill/BBQ is perfect for a high-rise patio, tailgate cooking or use on the campground. It will work for several hours using the (approx.) 1 lb. propane canister commonly available at any hardware store, or for longer use get a 20 lb. canister which should be available at any well equipped hardware or home center. (The 20 lb. canister requires a hose adaptor which is also readily available.)

The Universal Grill/BBQ sits 21" high on a table or the ground and is sized 16-1/2 x 16-1/12". Weight 25 lbs. Cooking surface is 195 in squared. Accessories are the Carry Bag, the Cast Iron Grilling Plate, the Gourmet Set (Fry Pan + Pizza Tray), and the Tripod (raises the cooking surface to 28").
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