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Teak Versatile Bench (Additional shipping charge applies- we will call you with quote)
$ 3150
Quantity Available is Limited to 10 – Each individually hand-made in a furniture shop in Capetown South Africa

Rhodesian Teak, with a dark, reddish/brown cast and tight grain, has structural properties that, for benches, exceeds the traditional European Red Beech used in the best European made benches. It is a beautiful tropical species found in substantial quantity in Zimbabwe (formerly Rhodesia) and in northern South Africa.

For 18 years we supplied our iconic Versatile-style Rhodesian Teak benches to woodworkers. This was a special full-width, double row of bench dogs design that we perfected and that we had made in a skilled furniture factory in Zimbabwe. It proved very popular with woodworkers who wanted a superb bench that would function equally well either in the middle of their shop or against a wall. But that all stopped in 2003 because of the political instability in that country.

We are happy to say we have just had made a limited quantity (10) of these benches. They were made by our old contact in Zimbabwe but the job would be done in a cabinetry shop in South Africa. This version is the same design with the addition of a full set of storage drawers. It’s a very unusual bench made of a truly beautiful wood.

However, we had a few hiccups in their making that you should know about so before ordering the bench it is very important that you read all the way through the Tab called "What we found – MUST READ" (scroll down or click here). Despite the superb aspects of these benches, because of the deficiencies detailed in that Tab, we are offering them at a very substantial 37% discount. At this price, they are quite a bargain.
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