Odd-Job with 6" Rule - Terrific Tool!

This is a terrific tool! Besides a pencil, a chuck key, and a Sharpie this is what I carry in my 'bib overalls' as I head for the shop! Indispensable friend for the woodworker. Get acquainted!

- Ed from Martinsville, VA

-Splitting Wedge - The Best Wedge I've Ever Used

I've been cutting firewood for 30 yrs. My grand father taught me to use and take care of quality tools. The old wedges I now have from my grand father are sitting on the shelf. When I need a wedge for splitting, I reach for this little gem. It splits green as well as seasoned wood easy. My friends can't believe how easy it it to split with these wedges. Thanks for these. I've had mine for many years. I'll pass them on to my kids.

- Tom from Trenton, TX

Pair of Utility Knives - A Cut Above

I've gotten two sets of these knives. They are very handy for all types of cutting. I use them in the shop and in the garden. They are an excellent product for the price.

- Mark from Snow Hill, MD

Anchor Knife - Beautiful

This knife is handsome, well crafted and finished. The inlaid anchor in the handle sets it apart from other knives in the price range. Friends who see it want it and that says a lot for this knife.

- Mike from Campobello, SC

Garrett Wade Push Drill - No Batteries

I really love this thing, I do warranty work for a design/build firm and now I just carry my tool bag. This drill and the yankee style screwdriver keep me from having to go out to the van and get power tools! Great tools!

- Britt from Cabin John, MD

Fireplace Log Splitter - Great Customer Service!

I got this for my husband for Christmas. It worked great the first time he used it (although a bit wobbly), but on the second use, the back legs fell off. I called to say we'd be returning it and was told the one we got was a new design. (It was NOT the one shown in the picture with the "Fireplace Friend" logo.) I told Mr. Wolfe, the customer service rep, that we were conflicted about whether to try a second one, for fear it would also break. He said he could send us a different one that he assured me was stronger and better made. That's what we opted for and so far we really like the replacement. Also, re: another review already posted: Garrett Wade pays for return shipping.

- GardenGirl from Washington, DC

Positioning Square - An Extra Pair of Hands

These just can't be beat. I just own one pair, but, I suspect they're not the last ones I will buy, since while 1 pair is good, 2 pair must be better. Wonderful for drawers or anything with a 90 degree angle.

- Jim from Rockford, IL

Set of Seven Gimlets - Gimlets!!!!!

Fantastic Tool. They are sharp. They go thru the hardest of hardwoods. They don't break or flex. They are great for the repair job that requires you to drill a couple of holes for srews. You avoid over drilling on the wood project for hinges ect. I give them out as gifts and all my woodworking friends love them. One used his to do an emergency repair on his sailboat while out on the ocean!!

- Ken from Sheridan, OR

Professional Wood-Handled Screwdrivers - Great Set

This is a great set of very well made screwdrivers. The best I have ever owned including other German and American made peers. I have had them for about 2 years now and use them often, they are now my go to set. Hard tips that don't wear down and nice handles. Wish you could buy them one off as I lost one philips. Guess I will buy another set :)

- Brian from Davis, CA

Garrett Wade Push Drill - Heirloom

I have one of these that my carpenter grandpa used all his working life. Then his daughter used it, and then I used it. Fifteen years ago I bought a new one, which I am thrilled to report is every bit as high-quality as the original. I use it all the time -- it's my cordless drill. And it'll last longer than my lifetime. Possibly my favorite hand tool ever. And worth every penny.

- Avery from San Francisco, CA

Garrett Wade Push Drill - A Joy To Use

My dad had an old Stanley version which was lost over the years. I bought one to see if it lived up to my memory. It does! Smooth operation and way more handy than dragging out the cordless. A marvelous tool.

- Al from Galesburg, MI

Special Alligator Pliers - Great Little Tool ...

I purchased one of these just as an after thought and it has been amazing how many uses I have found for it since, particularly working in odd angle, tight spaces.

- K from Wilmington, NC

Boker Whittler's Penknife - Boker's Best

This is a joy to whittle and carve with ! I got it so I could carve a Cub Scout neckerchief slide for my grandson and it was PERFECT for the work. Holds an edge like a champ and the smaller blades were just the ticket for the close detail work. Worth every dime.

- Garrett from West Chester, PA

Four-Fold Wood & Brass Rule - Great

Outstanding quality and workmanship. Great feel and look. One of those tools that makes you feel better than you actually are.

- Robert from Birmingham, AL

Set of Seven Gimlets

Whenever I need to fasten a screw for a simple project, I always turn to my set of Gimlets. They allow me to drill a suitable hole for whatever size screws I am using, quickly, without dragging out my drill and bits. This is a wonderful, simple tool.

- V from Virginia Beach, VA

Four-Fold Wood & Brass Rule

This is just like my grandfather used to build his small projects. I feel very close to him while using the old fashioned tools found in the GarrettWade catalog.

- Mike from Pharr, TX

Japanese Digging Knife

"I thought you'd like to know that approximately 12 years ago I purchased a Japanese Digging Knife from you. This is my favorite gardening tool, and I have used it thousands of ways, and in hundreds of yards and gardens. I even give them as gifts; so many people see mine and want to "borrow" it. There is a permanent blade impression in most of my gardening pants pockets.

This year it finally began to bend a bit if I used it in heavy soils, or as a pry bar for stones, etc. I just ordered a replacement for this "best garden friend", for when I have to retire it. I have purchased lots of things from you over the years, and have been pleased beyond words with everything. I don't write testimonials as a rule, but your company provides high quality, and you deserve to know how much one Midwest gardener appreciates it."

- Christine T.

Solid Carbide Hone, Carbide Sharpener & Quick Connect Couplings

"Just a note: I had written inquiring about two Garrett Wade products, the Solid Carbide Hone vs. Carbide Sharpener, and the Quick Connect Couplings without the "quit flow" feature. You took the time to gather information regarding my questions and then mailed it to me. The information you sent answered all of my questions. I just wanted to write to let you know I received the information you took the time to put together for me.

How surprising, and really gratifying to me, that in contemporary America one can still locate a company that really will provide customer service. Most companies now days say they provide customer service but they don't. So I just want to say thank you for taking the time and effort to provide me the information I requested."

- Don K.

"Woodsman's Pal"

"I noticed you show a "Woodsman's Pal" in your latest catalog. This brought back some memories as I don't see these for sale often. When I was eleven years old or so in 1942, a group of friends and I visited Times Square, and were attracted to an "army-navy" store which featured military items of interest to us boys (it being during WWII).

In the window was a Woodsman's Pal. The price was $5.00; I had $3.00. I borrowed $2.00 from my friends and went in to make the purchase. The clerk looked me over and said I was "too young to buy that thing." I went back outside and accosted an older, well-dressed man who happened to come by and asked him to purchase it for me. This man sized me up and asked me many questions but finally went in and bought it for me.

My first use was clearing campsites while scouting. Later, during the summers as I worked as a surveyor, I cleared lines of sight. This tool beats any I've seen for this kind of work. I kept the tool all my adult life, it being very handy out here in the country. Around 1972 or so, my barn burnt down with the tool in it. I saved it, had it heat-treated, made a walnut handle for it and welded up a crack. Some time ago I bought a new one - it's in the shed, never used. I'll be 77 in June and I am still trying to wear this one out. "

- Alfred K from Alexander, AR


"A dear friend passed along one of your catalogs to my husband who was enthralled at first glance, and carefully went through the catalog, marking all the things he liked. For his birthday this year I ordered three items from your catalog. The order arrived very quickly, and to keep the gift a surprise, I hid the box in a closet. Just before his birthday, I opened the box and found one of three items missing. I contacted customer service, which quickly resolved my problem and sent along a replacement item.

I wanted to compliment you on the speed of delivery, the helpfulness of your customer service representatives, the quality of products and the very professional way I was treated. It's rare to find a company whose staff is dedicated to making things "right" for customers. For that reason alone, I look forward to shopping at Garrett Wade in the future and I thank you for restoring my faith in the retail experience. I certainly hope other retailers will follow your example."

- Margaret M.

Bounty Jolly Boat

"I recently received high-tech cut sheets for my Bounty Jolly Boat that I had inadvertently used incorrectly. I thank you very much. You were not required to do this since I had made the mistake. This is a prime example of good customer service. I will always be a devoted customer."

- Angers C from Aiken, SC


"I haven't a technical question, but choices for topics were limited. I just wanted to let your company know that looking through the beautiful items you offer is a pleasure. My husband loves fine crafted tools like the ones you offer, but even a person who doesn't build things can appreciate and find something of use in your catalog. Thank you."

- Julie M.


"The replacement clock arrived today. Thank you for replacing the clock, even though it was not your responsibility to do so. You run a very good, old-fashioned business where the customer counts. This is very rare in today's world. You have hooked as me a repeat customer."

- James J from Waco, TX


"Well Garrett Wade, you've won my business---AGAIN! Your customer service in keeping me informed of my shipments, and your going above and beyond to get most of my Christmas shopping to me, has been both excellent and endearing. Every person (and I talked with quite a few!) I have spoken to by phone was cool, calm, and delightful, but most of all, ready to help me!

I wasn't an order number, nor just another cranky ole' man, either. I was a daddy buying gifts for my children, a grandpa seeking to receive my grandchildren's presents in time, and a technologically deficient (and highly suspicious) anti-techno check writer who uses stamps and snail mail.

I have enjoyed ordering for a number of years. Your tools are high quality. NOW, your service has won me again."

- A Satisfied Granddad, Larry D from Montgomery, AL


You were a pleasure to work with. Your continued concern with your product and your customer satisfaction are outstanding. I will be purchasing all that I need from your company!

- Thank you, Jeff H.


Thank you very much. I must say, my first ordering experience with Garrett Wade has been pleasing.

- Regards, Marty


I've been very satisfied with my purchases from Garrett Wade. I like that you guys do the research and homework and only present very affordable, consistent, and quality products on your website. I bought a set of extendable hedge shears from you guys. They, by far, outperform any other brand that I've every owned (and I've cut a lot of hedges in my life).

Thanks for being a set aside company that believes quality doesn¹t have to put anyone in the poor house.

- David


I've been a GW customer since the late 70's and am still using hand tools from GW that I purchased over 25 years ago the quality is that good. Great company. The coolest stuff.

- Thanks again, - NP


“Thank you for your conscientious and admirable customer service ethic. Another reason why I shop with you.”

- Serge